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Stonehaven is a Town on the northeast coast of Scotland, 50 miles north of of Dundee, 15 miles south of Aberdeen.

Stonehaven is popular for is Scenic Harbour, Tolbooth Museum at the Harbour, Open Air Pool, Golf, and Dunnottar Castle 2 miles south.

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The image top is looking down on Stonehaven Harbour from Bervie Braes. This is on the scenic Walking trail 2 miles south to Dunnottar Castle. You can also drive to the Castle where there is a large car park.

The image second top is of the Market Square in the centre of Stonehaven. This is where most of the Shops and Diners are situated.

The Old Town Clock Tower and Market Cross are on the south side of the Town, on the road round to the Harbour.

The Harbour has a small Beach, Restaurant, and 2 Hotels with outside seating with views over the Harbour. The Tolbooth Museum is at the Harbour.

At the north side of Stonehaven is a Promenade with Diners, Indoor Kids Play, Outdoor Kids Play, and a large heated Open Air Pool.

Two miles south of Stonehaven are the ruins of Dunnottar Castle sitting out on rocks, one of the most famous Castles in Scotland.

Stonehaven History

Prehistoric Artifacts have been found at Fetteresso Castle 3 miles west, and Neolithic Pottery from the Spurryhillock area on the west side of Stonehaven.

The Town is situated at the southern end of a Medieval Route that runs north to Aberdeen.

The Town would have grown around Fishing and Farming, with a small Natural Harbour at the mouth of Carron Water.

1200s - the earliest parts of Monboddo House were built for Barclay's, 10 miles southwest of Stonehaven.

1296 - During the First War of Scottish Independence, forces of King Edward I of England took control of the old Fortress of Dunnottar, 2 miles south of Stonehaven.

1297 - William Wallace captured Dunnottar burning its Church with English Troops inside.

1300? - the earliest parts of Muchalls Castle were built for the Fraser's, 5 miles north of Stonehaven.

1300s - the earliest parts of Fetteresso Castle were built for the Strachans, 3 miles west of Stonehaven. This Castle soon passed to the Keith's through marriage.

1382 - William Keith took control of the Old Fortress at Dunnottar so he could begin building an impressive Castle.

1500s - Stonehaven Tolbooth was built by the Harbour to be used as a Courthouse and Prison.

1639 - Covenanters in Scotland rebelled against King Charles I as he tried to control Scottish Churches. This led to a number of Wars and Covenanters being Hunted down by Royalists.

Many Covenanters were imprisoned in Dunnottar Castle, where some died or were transported to America. A Memorial to the Covenanters can be found at Dunnottar Church on the south side of Stonehaven.

1645 - the Market Cross was erected by the harbour.

1650 - during the English Civil War, forces of Oliver Cromwell besieged Dunnottar Castle for 8 months as they tried to find the Scottish Crown Jewels. Before the Castle fell, the Crown Jewels were smuggled out and hidden in Kinneff Old Church 8 miles south.

1688 - 1746 - Stonehaven was a Jacobite Town supporting the Catholic Stuart's claim to be Kings of Great Britain. The Towns Harbour was often used by Ships carrying Arms and Money from France. The English Government refused to allow a Catholic King from that time as they were too friendly with their main enemy, the French.

1746 - the Jacobite's were defeated for the final time at the Battle of Culloden by Inverness.

1790 - the Town House with its Clock Tower at Old Stonehaven was built by the Harbour.

1826 - the Harbour was enlarged leading to around 100 Fishing Boats using it at its peak.

1852 - a public Barometer was built into the Clock Tower of the Town House to help make Fishing Safer.

1888 - Stonehaven Golf Club is founded on the north side of the Town.

1925? - Dunnottar Castle is opened to the Public as a Tourist Attraction.

1934 - the heated Stonehaven Open Air Pool is opened.

1963 - the Tolbooth was opened as a Museum.

2004 - a Fossil of the oldest known Land Animal, a Species of Millipede, was found at Stonehaven's Cowie Beach at the north side of the Town.

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