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Kinneff Old Church

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Kinneff Old Church is 8 miles south of Stonehaven, 6 miles south of Dunnottar Castle. The Church is famous as the place the Scottish Crown Jewels were hidden during the English Civil War.

The Church is open most days throughout the year free to visit. Postcode: DD10 0TJ.

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The image top is of the entrance to the Church.

The second image is of the Church Interior with boards giving information on the Scottish Crown Jewels and how the became hidden in the Church.

The third image is of a Replica of the Scottish Crown Jewels. The originals can be viewed at Edinburgh Castle.

Kinneff Old Church History

1242 - the first Church building was completed on this site at Kinneff.

1449 - the Scottish Crown Jewels were first recorded, known as the Honours of Scotland, with claims they are the oldest Crown Jewels in the UK, and among the oldest in Christendom.

1642 - the English Civil War breaks out as Government forces led by Oliver Cromwell fought to take control of the country from King Charles I.

1649 - Cromwell had King Charles I executed by beheading, leading to England becoming a Republic.

1649 - Cromwell had the English Crown Jewels destroyed.

1651 January - Charles II was crowned King of Scotland at Scone Abbey with the Scottish Crown Jewels.

1651 January - Cromwell's army had reached Edinburgh as he set about taking control of Scotland, leading to the Scottish Crown Jewels being stored at Dunnottar Castle for safety.

1651 November - Cromwell’s army reached Dunnottar Castle with the intention of destroying the Crown Jewels.

1652 February - the Crown Jewels were smuggled out of Dunnottar Castle and hidden at Kinneff Old Church. It is thought women were involved in smuggling the Jewels out, either in sacks or by boat.

1652 May - the arrival of Artillery for Cromwell's forces led to Dunnottar Castle being surrendered.

1661 - Charles II was restored to the throne of Great Britain.

1661 - the new English Crown Jewels were created for Charles II.

1661 - the Scottish Crown Jewels were locked away in Edinburgh Castle and forgotten about.

1737 - Kinneff Old Church is rebuilt.

1818 - a group of people including Sir Walter Scott found the Scottish Crown Jewels in Edinburgh Castle.

1819 - the Scottish Crown Jewels were put on display in the Crown Room of Edinburgh Castle. They are only ever removed for State Occasions.

1822 - the Scottish Crown Jewels were taken to the Palace of Holyroodhouse in Edinburgh for the visit of King George IV, the first visit to Scotland by a reigning monarch since Charles II in 1651.

1876 - Kinneff Old Church is enlarged.

1953 - the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II took place at Westminster Abbey. Her first visit to Scotland that year saw the Scottish Crown carried before her in a procession from the Palace of Holyroodhouse to the High Kirk of St Giles in Edinburgh.

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