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Stirling is a small City in central Scotland, 25 miles north of Glasgow, 36 miles northwest of Edinburgh, gateway to the Highlands, popular for its historic Castle sitting high above the City, and Battlefields in the area.

Hop On Hop Off Bus Tours run in summer to Stirling Castle City west side, Wallace Monument 2 miles northeast, and Battle of Bannockburn site 2 miles south.

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The image top is of the Corn Exchange in Stirling leading to the City centre. There are Statues here of the Outlaw - Rob Roy MacGregor, and Poet - Robert Burns. The Clock Tower is part of Council Buildings, built in 1914.

King Street is in the City centre, where most of the Shops, Cafes, and Restaurants can be found. The Building with the Steeple is the Athenaeum, completed in 1816, where the Old Market used to be. This Building originally served as a Merchant's Library, now used as Council Offices.

Broad Street is uphill from King Street towards Stirling Castle, with the Tolbooth from 1705, now used for Events such as Music and Comedy.

Stirling Old Town Jail is on John Street, next to Broad Street, open for Tours in Summer. This Jail was completed in 1847 to replace the Tolbooth as the City Jail.

Holy Rude Church is at the top of John Street and Broad Street, built from the 1100s, with most of what can be seen today built from the 1400s. The Grounds of the Church are also worth exploring, with some of the top spots for Photos of Stirling Castle.

Argyll's Lodging is next to Holy Rude Church and Stirling Castle, built in the 1600s for the Earls of Stirling and Argyll, sometimes open for visits.

Stirling Castle is next to Holy Rude Church, sitting high above the City with great views over the City, north to Stirling Bridge, and northeast to the Wallace Monument.

Stirling Castle was built from the 1100s, with much of what can be seen today built between 1371 and 1603.

The Portcullis is a Hotel / Bar Diner next to Stirling Castle.

Stirling Bridge is about 1 mile north of Stirling Centre, built around 1500. The older Wooden Bridge from the Battle of Stirling Bridge in 1297 is a few hundred yards south. Only the foundations remain of the older Bridge under water. This Bridge from the 1500s was damaged in 1745 during the Jacobite rebellion to prevent the Highlanders crossing. There is Parking at both ends.

The Wallace Monument is 2 miles northeast of Stirling centre, completed in 1869 at 220ft high, one of the top visitor attractions in Scotland.

The Battle of Bannockburn Museum is 2 miles south of Stirling centre, with a large Monument, Statue of King Robert the Bruce on a Horse, and 3D Movies that take you into this famous Battle of 1314.

Stirling Golf Club is on the west side of Stirling, beneath Stirling Castle. The Club was founded in 1869, with the Course built on land used by Scots Kings and Queens for Hunting, also a good spot for Photos of Stirling Castle.

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