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Montrose is a Town on the northeast coast of Scotland, 29 miles north of of Dundee, 40 miles south of Aberdeen.

Montrose is popular for its Local History Museum, Harbour Statues, Beach, Golf Courses, House of Dun Mansion, Montrose Basin Nature Reserve, Montrose Air Station Heritage Centre, and Coastal Walk.

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The image top is of Montrose Church at the south side of Arbroath High Street.

The image second top is of the wide High Street with a good selection of shops and cafes.

The War Memorial is just east of the High Street at Melville Gardens where there is a kids play and bowling green.

Royal Montrose Golf Club is by the road to the Beach. This is one of the top Golf Clubs in the area.

Montrose Links is two Golf Courses next to Royal Montrose that are less expensive to play.

The Kids Play is by the Beach with a Cafe and seating area high above the Beach.

The wide sandy Beach at Montrose stretches for miles north. There is a popular Walk along the Beach and back on an inland path. Walk Page.

The Harbour at Arbroath has a few Statues and information on Lifeboats and Montrose during the World Wars.

Bamse was a St. Bernard on board one of the Norwegian Naval vessels that steamed to the UK after the German invasion of Norway during the Second World War. Bamse was much loved by the Norwegian Sailors and the Montrose people. He died at Montrose harbour in 1944. The Bronze Statue of Bamse was unveiled by Prince Andrew at Montrose Harbour in 2006.

The House of Dun Mansion is 4 miles west of Montrose. The Gardens and Estate are open all year free of charge. Tours of the House are available from March to October with a fee. The Mansion was completed in 1743 to designs of William Adam for David Erskine, Lord Dun.

Montrose History

Prehistoric Artifacts have been found in the area of Montrose, including the Stone of Morphie 5 miles north, postcode/map DD10 0AA.

900s - Montrose was attacked by Danes on a number of occasions.

1140s - Montrose was created a Royal Burgh by King David I, becoming a busy trading Town with skins, hides, and cured salmon.

1140s? - Montrose Castle was built in the Town at the south end of the High Street on Castle Street.

1153 - Restenneth Priory was built for King Malcolm IV 15 miles west of Montrose by Forfar.

1178 - King William the Lion had a Castle built 4 miles south of Montrose. The ruins are now referred to as Red Castle.

1244 - Montrose was extensively damaged by fire.

1296 - during the First Wars of Scottish Independence, King Edward I of England visited Montrose with 30,000 troops. The King stayed at Montrose Castle for three nights.

1297 - forces of William Wallace severely damage Montrose Castle and slew most of the English Troops based there.

1370s - the Erskine's build a Tower House on Dun Estate 4 miles west of Montrose, known as Dun Castle.

1488 - Montrose Castle is in ruin, nothing remains today.

1600s - the Port was used to export wheat and barley to Germany. The Port was also used to imported Flax and Timber from the Baltic Sea area, and Salt, Fruit and Wine from France, Spain and Portugal.

1716 - the Jacobite James Francis Edward Stuart spent his last night in Scotland at Montrose before sailing to exile in France, ending the First Jacobite Rebellion.

1720 - Dun Castle was demolished.

1743 - The House of Dun Mansion was completed to replace Dun Castle for David Erskine, Lord Dun.

1746 - forces of Charles Edward Stuart (Bonnie Prince Charlie), during the Second Jacobite Rebellion, fought the largest Naval Battle of the war at Montrose Harbour.

1700s - Montrose was well know for Smuggling Goods so as to avoid paying Taxes. The wealth acquired by trade through the Port was substantial, leading to many Merchants building Houses on streets named after Trading Areas such as America Street, California Street, Baltic Street, and India Street.

1910s - the Royal Flying Corps opened a base at Montrose, later known as RAF Montrose.

1913 - the Airbase at Montrose became the first operational Military Airbase in the UK.

1940s - during World War II, Pilots from all over the Commonwealth were based at Montrose for training on Hawker Hurricane and Spitfire aircraft. They also formed Squadrons for sorties over Norway and to provide Air Defense for the east coast of Scotland and city of Edinburgh.

German aircraft bombed the Town and airfield killing 5 Servicemen in one attack in 1940.

The Montrose Basin is a shallow estuary about three miles in diameter. It is at the south side of the Town where the River South Esk runs into the North Sea.

1981 - the Montrose Basin Nature Reserve was created with the Scottish Wildlife Trust operating a modern Wildlife Centre. Map DD10 9TA

The Centre has Telescopic and Television views of the thousands of Birds that use the area throughout the year.

1989 - The House of Dun Mansion was opened to the public as a museum. Map DD10 9LQ

1992 - the Montrose Air Station Heritage Centre opened as a museum on the north side of Montrose centre. Map DD10 9BD

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