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Montrose Air Station Heritage Centre

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The Montrose Air Station Heritage Centre is 2 miles north of Montrose centre where there are other attractions such as the Montrose Museum, House of Dun mansion, and Montrose Basin Wildlife Reserve.

The Heritage Centre is open most days throughout the year, and weekends in winter with a small entrance fee. Postcode: DD10 9BD.

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The image top is of the entrance to the Air Station.

The second image is of a Meteor Jet on display at the Station. This was the only British Jet powered aircraft during World War Two, entering service in July 1944 with a top speed around 630? miles per hour. Germany surrendered in May 1945.

Germany also had the Messerschmitt Me 262 Jet powered aircraft that entered service in April 1944 with a top speed of around 600? miles per hour.

The third image is of a replica Spitfire aircraft by the Museum building. This aircraft entered service in 1936 with a top speed of around 370 miles per hour.

The Spitfire mainly fought the German Messerschmitt Bf 109 aircraft with a top speed around 390 miles per hour.

The entrance to the Centre leads to a Gift Shop, then to a Room set up like a House from the 1940s.

The Museum part of the Centre has a Spitfire Room giving a great amount of information on what is the most famous aircraft in British history.

There are other rooms giving information on the early Air Bases in Scotland, and the men in the Squadrons.

The Video Room gives information on the Scottish Air Bases and interesting accounts of some memorable people and events during World War Two in this area.

Montrose Air Station Heritage Centre History

1912 - The Royal Flying Corps was established.

1913 - five aircraft of No.2 Squadron Royal Flying Corps were delivered to the Airfield at Montrose, the first Military Airfield in Great Britain to begin operations. The First World War took place between 1914 and 1918.

1914 - H.D. Harvey-Kelly was with No. 2 Squadron RFC based at Montrose when they were ordered to cross the channel into France, becoming the first British Pilot to land in France after the outbreak of World War One.

Canadian and US units were also based at Montrose during World War One.

1918 - the RAF was formed after the merger of the Royal Flying Corps and the Royal Naval Air Service.

1920 - Montrose Airfield was closed.

1935 - Montrose Airfield was re-opened to serve as a Training School as Wars were breaking out throughout Europe, leading to World War Two.

1940 July - the Battle of Britain begins between the British and German air forces, with many of the top Pilots trained at Montrose. Pilots at Montrose included Polish, Czech, American, Russian, Turkish, Free French and more.

1940 - July, RAF Montrose was bombed by German Aircraft, killing two people with eleven injured.

1940 October - German Aircraft bomb RAF Montrose again, killing 5 people and wounding 18, with many Aircraft destroyed.

1940 October - the Battle of Britain is over after Germany called off their invasion of Britain due to the strength of the RAF.

The years after the end of World War Two, the Airfield was used for Maintenance.

1952 - Montrose Airfield was closed.

1983 - a group of local enthusiast led by local man, Ian McIntosh, established the Montrose Air Station Heritage Trust so the History of the Airfield would be remembered.

1992 - the Trust bought the Watch Office and Ground for the founding of the Montrose Air Station Heritage Centre. The Centre has expanded over the years with more buildings, artifacts, memorabilia, and models. A small entrance fee, donations, local government grants, and Heritage Lottery Fund, have all helped to keep the Trust going.

2012 - a Memorial Stone was unveiled at the Air Station in memory of Units and Personnel stationed there. The Memorial was gifted by the Airfields of Britain Conservation Trust.

2013 - HRH Prince Edward, unveiled the replica Spitfire at Montrose Air Station.

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