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Inverness Museum and Art Gallery

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Inverness Museum and Art Gallery is in the centre of Inverness in the Highlands of Scotland, next to Inverness Castle.

The Museum covers the Highlands of Scotland from its creation to modern day, Free to visit.

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The second top image right is of the room covering how the Highlands were formed and evolved.

The Picts room covers how the Picts ruled most of the Highlands from the 500s - the Canmore Kings began taking control of all Scotland from the 1000s.

The Viking room covers Vikings in Scotland from the 700s - 1400s. The Vikings mainly lived on the Islands with them carrying out many brutal raids on the mainland.

Upstairs is the Art Gallery and Jacobite section, covering the Jacobite Risings between 1689 and 1746 with 3 major Uprisings, ending with their defeat at the Battle of Culloden 4 miles east of Inverness.

The Highland Clearances section covers how Crofters were forced off their land from the 1760s, to make way for large scale sheep farming, also to help prevent more Jacobite Risings.

Some moved to cities, some to fishing villages, and others emigrated to Canada, America and Australia. Some were accused of crimes and deported.

The Crofting section displays items such as clothes, musical instruments and prized possessions.

1822 - the 60 mile long Caledonian Canal was completed between Inverness and Fort William, taking boats up to 46m / 150ft.

The Canal took 19 years to build, with it passing through the Great Glen using Loch Ness, Loch Oich, Loch Garry, Loch Lochy and Loch Arkaig.

There are 5 Locks at Fort Augustus and 8 at Fort William known as Neptunes Staircase.

1855 - the Railway reached Inverness, connecting the City to Aberdeen, and from Aberdeen to the rest of the UK.

1898 - the Highland Mainline Railway was completed to Inverness, allowing travel straight up from Glasgow and Edinburgh passing through Perth and Aviemore, with Aviemore being the top outdoor resort in Scotland, 29 miles southeast of Inverness.

The Highland Mainline is a top attraction in Scotland crossing large Viaducts and a High Point known as Slochd Summit at 1,315 feet / 401m, where the trains at times have to stop to cool the engines down.

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