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Dunblane is a small Town in central Scotland, 6 miles north of Stirling, 27 miles south of Perth.

Dunblane is popular for its Cathedral, Museum, Golf, Tennis, and Hydro Hotel.

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The image top is from the crossover at the Train Station looking down to the Town Centre and bottom of the High Street.

The second image is looking up the narrow High Street with a good selection of small shops.

A Gold Post Box is at the top of the High Street, painted Gold after Andy Murry from Dunblane won a Gold Medal for Tennis at the London Olympic Games in 2012.

Dunblane Cathedral is at the top of the High Street on The Square, built from the 1000s, with most of what can be seen today built in the 1200s, venue for the Wedding of Andy Murry.

Dunblane Museum is next to the Cathedral on The Square, with Artifacts, Paintings, Prints, and Photos of the Cathedral and Dunblane.

The High Street turns east at the Gold Post Box, with a short walk leading to St Mary's Church, Tennis Courts, and Golf Club, all close together.

St Mary's is an Episcopal Church completed in 1845.

The Tennis Courts are across the road from St Mary's Church, where Andy Murry and his brother Jamie learned to play.

Next to the Tennis Courts is the New Dunblane Golf Club, where Andy Murry realized he should practice hard at Tennis, as he was not very good at hitting a Golf Ball. This Course opened in 1924, replacing an earlier course from 1878.

Dunblane Hydro Hotel is situated about half of a mile north of the Town centre, completed in 1878 as a Victorian Health Spa Resort. People now trying the Victorian Spa Treatments, often refer to them as close to Torture. The Hotel is now popular for its modern relaxing Spa, and as a Base to explore the many top attractions in the Perth and Stirling areas.

Dunblane History

500s - Saint Blane of Irish origin settled on the Isle of Bute, with him or his followers founding a Church at Dunblane, with the Towns name evolving from Fort of Blane to Dunblane.

1000s - the earliest parts of Dunblane Cathedral were built.

1230s - the Cathedral was enlarged to what can be seen today, with a Bishops Palace also built at that time, next to the Cathedral.

1400s? - the Cromlix family gain lands at Dunblane, building a Castle that has since been demolished.

1400s - Edmund Chisholm took control of Cromlix Estate.

1487 - James Chisholm, son of Edmund Chisholm, became Bishop of Dunblane.

1500s late - the Cromlix lands passed to the Drummond's, Hay Drummond's, and now Eden through marriage.

1848 - the Railway Station at Dunblane opened, with Trains running between Glasgow and Inverness, and Edinburgh and Inverness, running through Dunblane, leading to an increase in Tourism.

1874 - Cromlix Mansion was built for Captain Arthur Drummond.

1878 - the Hydro Hotel opened, bringing in many Victorian tourists.

1892 - the 9 hole Dunblane Hydropathic Club was completed on Laighills Park on the Cromlix Estate, with the first game being between Old Tom Morris, Ben Sayers and two Locals.

1903 - Cromlix Mansion was enlarged after being damaged by fire.

1923 - the 18 hole Course for New Dunblane Golf Club opened, with a Greenkeeper paid £3 per week. The Greenkeeper was given a Horse, Cart and two Mowers to maintain the course.

1981 - Cromlix Mansion was converted to a Hotel.

1987 - Andy Murry was born at Dunblane to mother Judy and father William, a regional manager of Scottish newsagent chain RS McColl.

2012 - Andy Murry won the US Open, first UK male to win a Grand Slam Tennis tournament since Fred Perry in 1936.

2012 - Andy Murry won a Gold Medal at the London Olympics, leading the Post Box on Dunblane High Street being painted Gold.

2013 - Andy Murry bought Cromlix Hotel.

2015 - Andy Murry married Kim Sears in Dunblane Cathedral. Kim was born in Barcombe, East Sussex in England, with her father being British tennis coach Nigel Sears, probably how they met. She is an Artist and Author.

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