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Dunblane Cathedral

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Dunblane Cathedral is situated in the centre of Dunblane town, 31 miles north of Glasgow, 6 miles north of Stirling.

The Cathedral can be visited all year free of charge. Postcode: FK15 0AQ

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The image top is from The Square in Dunblane looking towards the Cathedral.

Dunblane Cathedral History

600s - the Celtic Saint Blane is said to have founded a Church in this area.

1000s - the earliest parts of Dunblane Cathedral were built.

1233 - Clement became Bishop of Dunblane, complaining the original building was falling apart, and there was no fit place for him to live.

1230s - the Cathedral was enlarged to what can be seen today, with little of the original building remaining, apart from the Tower.

The Bishops Palace was also built at that time, next to the Cathedral.

1400s - the lower part of the Tower from the 1000s was heightened, as can be seen in the different colour of stone.

1560s - the Reformation led to the end of Catholic worship in Scotland, with Cathedrals and Bishops Palaces abandoned, or converted to Protestant Churches.

1564 - William Chisholm, last Bishop of Dunblane, moved to Catholic France, then later to Rome in Italy. He was known as the Robber Bishop, as he had transferred land from the Cathedral to Relatives before he fled.

Dunblane Cathedral was then used as a Protestant Church of Scotland.

Some other Cathedrals were burned to the ground at this time, as a series of Wars over Religion began, only ending after the Battle of Culloden in 1746.

1600s - the Bishops Palace was demolished with much of the stone taken for buildings in Dunblane.

1908 - Robert Younger paid for nine Bells and a Clock to be installed in the Cathedral Tower, leading to the two Original Bells being put on display in the Cathedral.

1912 - a major restoration of Dunblane Cathedral was completed.

2015 - the Tennis player from Dunblane, Andy Murry, married Kim Sears in Dunblane Cathedral.

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