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Scottish Reformation

The Scottish Reformation began in 1560 after Scotland adopted Protestantism. This led to Catholic Worship being Banned in Scotland.

Many Abbey's, Priories and Cathedrals were allowed to function under the Control of a Commendator / Finance Administrator until the Monks and Abbots died.

Some of these Buildings were then Converted to Protestant Churches, but most were Pulled Apart for their Stone and Timber to build Castles, Farms, or Houses in Towns.

Abbeys and Priories normally controlled Vast Lands and Businesses such as Fishing, Wool, Grain Mills, and more.

Many Commendator's were accused of Stealing Land and Wealth from the Abbeys and Priories.

Some Commendator's were forced to Sign the Land over to powerful Families. Many of these Families had Donated the Land to the Abbey or Priory a few hundred years earlier, so believed they were Taking Back what was Rightfully Theirs.

Interesting Facts that led to the Scottish Reformation

1517 - Preaching's by the German Philosopher Martin Luther split the Christian Religion into Catholic and Protestant. Protestant Churches then had the Head of their Country as as Head of their Churches, instead of the Pope in Rome.

1524 - England adopted Protestantism with King Henry VIII becoming Head of English Churches, banning Catholic worship in England.

1560 - Scotland changed to Protestantism, banning Catholic Worship as well.

1603 - James VI Stuart becomes King of England and Scotland, leading to him being Head of Churches in Both Countries.

1638 - a number of Scots Signed the National Covenant to prevent the Stuart Kings from being Head of Scottish Churches. These Scots only accepted Jesus Christ as Head of Churches, known as Covenanters. Their actions set off a series of wars over Religion such as the Bishops Wars, English Civil War, Wars of the Three Kingdoms and more.

1878 - Catholic Worship was Restored in Scotland. New Churches and Cathedrals had to be built from this time as Catholic Churches from before 1560 had either been Destroyed, or Converted to Protestant Church of Scotland.

Today - the Queen is Head of the Church of England.

The Church of Scotland only recognizes Jesus Christ as Head of the Church.

The Pope in Rome is the Head of Catholic Churches and Cathedrals.

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