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Rothes is a Town in the Speyside area of the Highlands in Scotland, 40 miles northeast of Aviemore, 52 miles northwest of Aberdeen.

Rothes is popular for the Glen Grant Whisky Distillery, Castle Ruins, Speyside Cooperage with a Visitor Centre 4 miles south, and a number of Walks in the Area, including the Speyside Way.

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The image top is of the Main Street looking northeast with the Church Hall left and the Parish Church right, built in 1781.

The second image is of the Station Hotel on the Main Street. This Hotel was completed for John Grant in 1901, mainly for rich people visiting the area for Salmon Fishing.

Rothes Castle is a short walk from the Town centre, up a well signed single lane road. This Castle was built from the 1200s for Peter de Pollok. Rothes Castle was abandoned in 1662, with much of its stone then used to build Houses in Rothes.

Rothes Golf Club is about 1 mile up past the Castle with amazing views over Speyside, founded in 1890.

Forsyths Manufacturing is at the northeast end of the Town, where you can see many Stills being built or refurbished. This company began operating in the 1890s, mainly making Copper Stills for the local Whisky companies. Today, they make Stills for companies around the world producing Beer, Whisky, Bourbon, Rum, Vodka, Brandy, Gin, Tequila and more.

At the northeast end of Rothes is the entrance to Glen Grant Estate, where you can visit the Glen Grant Whisky Distillery. This Distillery was founded in 1840, producing 10 to 75 year old Single Malt Whisky. There are also scenic Estate Gardens that you can walk round.

The Speyside Cooperage is about 4 miles south, a Top Attraction showing how Barrels are built for the many Whisky Distilleries in the area.

There are also 3 other Distilleries within a few miles that can be visited, Macallan, Aberlour, and Glenfiddich, with many more in the Speyside area. Distillery List.

Rothes History

The most notable Clans in this area were: Gordon, Grant, Leslie, MacDuff /Duff, Pollok, and Seafield.

600s - the area of Rothes had a Chapel on Chapel Hill, built by Missionaries.

1200s - Rothes Castle was built for Peter de Pollok to control the area, with a Village growing around the Castle.

1296 - during the Scottish Wars of Independence, King Edward I of England visited Rothes Castle after he had taken control of Scotland.

1390s - Rothes Castle was acquired by the Leslie Clan, that became the Earls of Rothes.

1662 - Rothes Castle was abandoned, with much of its stone used for buildings in Rothes.

1700s - the Earls of Rothes sold their Estates in this area to the Seafield family. The Rothes family then moved to Fife where they began building the Town of Glenrothes.

1766 - the Seafield's began designing a new Town, leading to the Rothes seen today.

1781 - Rothes Parish Church was built.

1823 - the Excise Act was passed, allowing the many Illegal Distilleries in the area to begin legal production, as long as they paid Taxes. Macallan Distillery began operating in 1824, Glen Grant in 1840, Aberlour in 1879, and Glenfiddich in 1886. There are many more around Rothes, but these are the biggest names with Visitor Centre's.

Other Distilleries without Visitor Centre's are: Balvenie, Dalmunach, Dewars, Dufftown, Glenrothes, Glendullan, Glen Spey, Kininvie, and Mortlach.

1858 - Rothes Railway Station opened as part of the Morayshire Line, partially funded by the Whisky companies. This line connected to other lines, allowing Train travel to and from anywhere in the UK. The Line ended 16 miles north at Lossiemouth on the coast, with its Harbour used by Whisky Distilleries in Speyside to import Barrels, and export Whisky. Most Speyside Distillers mature their Whisky in ex European Sherry, or US Bourbon Barrels.

1870 - the Steeple was added to Rothes Parish Church, with the Clock in the Steeple being an old Town Clock of Nairn.

1890s - Forsyths began manufacturing Copper Stills for the Whisky Companies.

1898 - the Town Hall was built.

1890 - Rothes Golf Club was founded.

1968 - Rothes Railway Station was closed.

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