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Inchmahome Priory

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Inchmahome Priory is situated 7 miles south of Callander, 5 miles east of Aberfoyle 42 miles north of Glasgow.

Other top attractions close by are The Lodge in the mountains with a Go Ape, and Loch Katrine for boat trips.

The Priory can be visited 1st Apr to 31st Oct. There is an entrance fee. Postcode: FK8 3RA

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Inchmahome Priory is situated on Inchmahome Island in the Lake of Menteith. The Lake is at the very small Village of Port of Menteith. The Village has the Lake of Menteith Hotel with a popular Resataurant, and Lake of Menteith Fisheries popular for boat fishing for Rainbow Trout.

Boat Trips out to the Island only take about 5 minutes. The Island is a peacful place to spend some time with large trees, a few Giant Redwoods, woodland walk, and seating areas.

The best preserved part of the Priory is the Chapter House. This was converted to a Mausoleum for William Graham, Earl of Menteith in 1644.

In the Chapter House are a number of Grave Slabs. One of a 1300s Knight with Stewart Arms on his Sheild, and another of Walter Stewart who died in 1295. The Walter Stewart slab shows him embracing his wife Mary. Large Image.

Inchmahome Priory History

1100s - there may have been a small Church on Inchmahome Island.

1238 - the Priory was founded by the Earl of Menteith, Walter Comyn, with Black Cannons of the Augustinian order running the Priory.

The Comyn's were one of the most powerful families in Scotland at the time with a Mansion on Inch Talla, a smaller island on the Lake of Menteith. Little remains of that Mansion. The Comyn's were rivals of Robert the Bruce for the Scottish Crown in the early 1300s.

1306, 1308 and 1310 - King Robert the Bruce visited the Priory.

1358 - grandson of Robert the Bruce, Robert Stewart stayed at the priory. Robert Stuart beacame the first Stewart King in 1371.

1500s early - Commendators began to help run many Abbeys and Priories.

1547 - John Erskine, Lord Erskine became the Commendator of Inchmahome Priory.

1547 - the 4 year old Queen Mary was hidden at Inchmahome Priory after the defeat of the Scots Army at the Battle of Pinkie Cleugh. This battle took place as Henry VIII was trying to force the Scots to have Queen Mary mary his son Edward.

1548 - Queen Mary was taken to France for safety, she returned from France in 1561.

1560 - the Reformation in Scotland prevented Catholic worship, leading to the Priory falling into ruin. Many Commendator's at that time were accused of taking the Priory land and wealth.

1644 - the Chapter House was converted to a Mausoleum for William Graham, Earl of Menteith.

1926 - James Graham, 6th Duke of Montrose, handed Inchmahome Priory over to the State.

Today - Historic Scotland maintain the Priory so it can be used as a Tourist Attraction.

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