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Glasgow Cathedral is situated about 0.6 of a mile east of George Square/City Centre.

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Glasgow Cathedral is probably the most impressive building in the city, built from the late 1100s, now one of the top visitor attractions in the City. In August 1560, the Scottish Parliament passed a series of Acts to dismantle the Catholic Church in Scotland. At that time, celebrating mass, and communicating with the Pope in Rome, was made illegal. Many of the Catholic buildings were looted at that time, and their stonework taken for other buildings.

Glasgow Cathedral was the only cathedral on the Scottish mainland to avoid being damaged, as the Reformers were persuaded to spare it. During that turbulent time, the Archbishop fled to France with the Cathedral's Relics and Jewels. The precious objects have never been returned.

The Cathedral is on the Tour Bus route . Cathedral Google Map . Postcode: G4 0QZ . Tel: 0141 552 8198.
FREE Admission.

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Glasgow Cathedral was converted to a Church of Scotland during the Reformation, so is no longer a true Cathedral. St Andrew's Cathedral was built in Glasgow centre in 1814, after the Roman Catholic Relief Act of 1791, allowed Catholics to worship freely again.

The Necropolis with its elaborate grave monuments, sitting high above the Cathedral, also attracts many visitors.

St Mungo Museum is situated in the building to the left in this image, for information on Religious Life and Art. FREE Admission.

The Provand's Lordship, one of the oldest houses in Glasgow, now a Museum, is situated just across the road, to the left in this image. FREE Admission.

The Cathedral House Hotel is situated just to the right in this image, ideal for meals and drinks, Reviews.

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