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St Andrew's Cathedral is situated 0.5 of a mile south of George Square, overlooking the River Clyde.

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The Cathedral Church of Saint Andrew, is a Roman Catholic Cathedral designed in 1814 by James Gillespie Graham, in the Neo Gothic style.

St. Andrew's Cathedral is the Seat of the Archbishop of Glasgow. From the Scottish Reformation of 1560, until the Roman Catholic Relief Act of 1791, that restored certain civil rights and freedom of worship, Roman Catholics in Glasgow had to worship covertly.

The restoration of the Cathedral was completed in April 2011.

The Cathedral is not on the Tour Bus route . Google Map.

St Andrew's Cathedral Postcode: G1 4ER . Tel: 0141 204 2409

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This is a popular Church with the people of Glasgow, and also welcomes visitors from around the world. You can browse through the Website to view images and experience the impressive interior.

The Cathedral is situated next to the River Clyde, with good paths alongside each side of the River. There are a number of interesting bridges all along, well worth viewing, dating from the Victoria Bridge from 1854, to the Clyde Arc in 2006, often referred to as the Squinty Bridge. The victoria bridge is situated about 300 yards east of the cathedral, and the Squinty Bridge 1 mile west.

Next to the Cathedral, is the pedestrian only South Portland Street Suspension Bridge from 1853.

The Walk along the south side of the River, is an interesting and peaceful way to view the City. Glasgow River Walk.

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