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Duart Castle

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Duart Castle is 3 miles south of the Village of Craignure on the Isle of Mull, where the main Ferries from Oban dock, with the ferries giving good views of the Castle as they arrive and depart from the Island.

The Castle is open to visitors 11.00am to 4.00pm, 1st May to mid October with an entrance fee.

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The images top right are from the Car Park and of the Main Entrance to Duart Castle.

You can explore most of the rooms in the Castle and walk around the Main Tower for great views of the area and across to mainland Scotland.

Duart Castle History

1200s - the earliest parts of Duart Castle are said to have been built by Clan MacDougall.

1350? - Lachlan Lubanach Maclean, 5th Clan Chief, married Mary MacDonald, daughter of John MacDonald of Islay, Lord of the Isles. The father of Mary granted them Duart Castle and Lands.

1511 - Hector Odhar, 9th Chief of Clan Maclean, died at the Battle of Flodden alongside King James IV of Scotland as they fought the English.

1520? - Lachlan Cattanach, 11th Chief of Clan Maclean, was accused of trying to murder his wife Cathrine Campbell as she was unable to have children. Lachlan was murdered the following year, said to be by Cathrine's brother, Sir John Campbell of Cawdor.

1647 - during the English Civil War (1642 - 1651) Duart Castle was attacked by Government troops of Clan Campbell. Clan MacLean, supporting the Royals, held out at Duart Castle for some time, then pushed the Campbell's back off the Island.

1653 - after Oliver Cromwell had taken control of the British Government, his forces were attacking the last remaining Clans loyal to the King. Cromwell had ships sent to attack Duart Castle, but the Maclean's had fled by the time they arrived.

1691 - after Sir John Maclean of Duart had fought with the Jacobite's in the First Rebellion, Archibald Campbell led the Government forces that took control of Duart lands and demolished the Castle.

1858 - Torosay Castle was built about two miles north of Duart Castle for a John Campbell.

1865 - Torosay Castle and Estate, including Duart Castle, were sold to Arburthnot Charles Guthrie, a wealthy London businessman.

1911 - Sir Fitzroy Donald Maclean, 26th Chief of the Clan MacLean, bought Duart Castle so he could have it restored.

Sir Fitzroy served in Crimea at the time of the Charge of the Light Brigade in 1855. After one of the surviving horses from that charge had been returned to England and allowed to die of old age, its hooves were used to make a Candelabra that can be seen on the table in the Banqueting Hall of Duart Castle.

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