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Dornoch Cathedral

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Dornoch Cathedral is situated in Dornoch town centre, on the northeast coast of Scotland, 44 miles north of Inverness.

The Cathedral is open for visits most days throughout the year, Free entry. Donations can be made to help with the upkeep. Postcode: IV25 3SJ.

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This building is now run as a Presbyterian Church of Scotland.

Dornoch Cathedral History

1140s - Aindreas of Caithness is recorded as the first Bishop of Caithness, with the Cathedral at Halkirk, 65 miles north of Dornoch.

1222 - Halkirk Cathedral was set on fire by Farmers, killing Bishop Adam of Melrose who was inside at the time. The Farmers took this action after the Bishop raised Taxes.

1220s - the earliest parts of Dornoch Cathedral were built for Gilbert de Moravia, Bishop of Caithness. Gilbert no doubt wanted the Cathedral built at Dornoch, as it was a good distance south of the Farmers that killed the previous Bishop.

1245 - Gilbert de Moravia died at Scrabster Castle, leading to him being buried at Dornoch Cathedral, and Canonized as Saint Gilbert of Dornoch.

1248 - William de Moravia, 1st Earl of Sutherland, was buried in Dornoch Cathedral.

1260 - Richard de Moravia was killed fighting Vikings at Embo, 3 miles north of Dornoch. This battle forced the Vikings out of the area. Richard's Sarcophagus can be viewed in Dornoch Cathedral.

1560 - the Reformation began in Scotland, trying to force everyone to convert from Catholic to Protestant. This led to many Cathedrals being destroyed, or converted to Protestant Churches. Some were partially destroyed, then rebuilt as Protestant Churches.

1570 - Dornoch Cathedral was set on fire with Saint Gilbert's tomb desecrated during a Clan feud between the Murray's of Dornoch, and the Mackay's of Strathnaver.

1661 - the Cathedral was partially restored by Sir Robert Gordon to serve as a Church of Scotland.

1690 - religious uprisings led to the end of Bishops in the Church of Scotland. Cathedrals from that time were no longer true Cathedrals, as they were no longer the seat of a Bishop.

1835 to 1837 - the restoration of the Cathedral was completed for Elizabeth, Duchess / Countess of Sutherland.

1920s - plaster work was removed from the interior of the Cathedral to reveal the stonework, the medieval High Altar was raised, and a burial area for the Sutherland family created at the Altar with large marble memorials.

2000 - the Minister of Dornoch officiated at the wedding of Madonna and Guy Ritchie at Skibo Castle, 4 miles west of Dornoch.

2010 - billionaire Elon Musk and actress Talulah Riley were married in Dornoch Cathedral.

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