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The 2,696ft, 821m White Coomb is 10 miles east of Moffat in South Scotland on the A708 Hill Road between Moffat and Selkirk, 70 miles southeast of Glasgow. This area is better known for the Grey Mares Tail Waterfalls, that can be viewed from the Car Park area.

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The Image top is from the centre of Moffat looking down to the corner where the A708 Road to Selkirk and White Coomb starts.

Wigwam Holidays is 5 miles east.

The second image is 10 miles east of Moffat approaching the Car Park, you often get Fighter Aircraft coming up through this Valley at a few hundred feet. This is a narrow road in places, 30 to 40 mph most of the way.

There is a large Car Park and a smaller Park close by. Cross the Hiking Bridge to the Waterfalls Viewing Area with information.

The Trail starts at the Viewing Area, fairly steep up past the Waterfalls to about 1,600ft.

As soon as you pass the top Waterfall, you will see the remains of a Stone Dyke across the Burn, that Dyke leads up through Cliffs to the 2,696ft White Coomb. You have to look for Stepping Stones to cross the Burn if going up that way.

From the Top Waterfall, it is a fairly long level walk out to Loch Skeen at 1,673ft.

As soon as you reach the Loch, you will see the Stepping Stones to cross over to Mid Craig, the best dry Trail up, with great views.

You can go round to the right of the Loch and up to Lochcraig Head that way, but that Trail has a few wet sections.

The Trail up to the 2,319ft Mid Craig is steep and dry, apart from a short soggy section at the bottom.

From the top of Mid Craig, start round to the right following a faint trail up to Lochcraig Head at 2,624ft.

Going up this West Ridge of Lochcraig Head gives great views down over Loch Skeen.

From the top of Lochcraig Head, look west over Mid Craig and you can see the 2,650ft White Coomb.

The Trail Round to White Coomb sets off over to the right of the Cairn to a Fence, that Fence and Dyke lead all the way round to White Coomb, and back down to the Main Trail.

There is only one little steep section on the Trail round, then it is a long steady walk.

The Cairn on White Coomb is about 100 yards right of the Dyke, remember and come back to the Dyke to get the Trail down through the Cliffs, only safe way down.

The Trail down from White Coomb following the Dyke is a bit rough and soggy in places, and steep down through the Cliffs, but no scrambling required.

Once back at the Main Trail, you have to look for the best Stepping Stones to cross the Burn, I had to go about 100 yards left to cross safely.

Back on the Main Trail, it is back down the steep section past the Waterfalls, then back to Moffat for lunch.

This Route averages about 5 hours, with Waterproof Boots and Gaiters recommended most of the year. Hiking Poles are also handy for crossing the Stepping Stones and for some of the Steep Sections.



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