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Tundergarth Church is situated in the Hills just under 3 miles southeast of Lockerbie Town.

The Church was built in 1770, and may have been rebuilt in 1900.

The Church is best known today as the site of the Pan Am 103 Aircraft Crash on the 21st December 1988, that led to the death of all 243 Passengers and 16 Crew.

The Nose Cone of the Jumbo Jet was found in a Field a few hundred yards north of the Church. Much of the Plane Fuselage and Passengers were recovered between the Church and Lockerbie Golf Club, 3 miles north.

Both Wings of the Plane hit Sherwood Crescent in Lockerbie destroying a number of Houses, killing 11 People. The area where the Houses were, now has a Memorial Garden.

The small building next to the Church holds the Pan Am 103 Book of Remembrance.

The Lockerbie Garden of Remembrance is in Dryfesdale Cemetery, just under 1 mile west of Lockerbie. Web Page with Crash Information.

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Tundergarth Church Pan Am 103

The images below are of the interior of the Small Building next to Tundergarth Church, with the Pan Am 103 Book of Remembrance. The Book contains the names of all Passengers and Crew. The image right is of the Visitor Book.

Pan Am 103 Book of Remembrance image Pan Am 103 Visitor Book image