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Spar Cave on Skye

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Spar Cave is at the Village of Glasnakillie on the west coast of the Isle of Skye, 16 miles southwest of Broadford, 2 miles south of Elgol via one of the most scenic roads on Skye. Postcode: IV49 9BQ

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The top image right is of Glasnakillie Cattle Grid at the entrance to the Village that is just a few Cottages here and there.

Park well in at the Cattle Grid so not to block the passing place, there are two more parking spaces just over the Grid to the left.

It is only a 5 minute walk from here to the Rocky Beach, make sure you have good Hiking Boots, Two Good Bright Lights, and get there about an hour before Low Tide, as is the only time you can get into the Cave, and you only have about 1 hour each side of Low Tide before the Cave is Blocked again, so could be stuck there till the next low tide.

Check the Internet for Low Tide Times for your day of Visit, Low Tides are about every 12 hours.

Just over the Cattle Grid is an old Red Phone Box, walk down past the Phone Box for about 200 yards to a Gate at an Old Building, opposite Spar Cottage.

Just down past the Old Building you will see 3 Trails, take the First Trail to the Left, then follow that Trail as it sweeps round to the right.

You will then see a Steep Well Eroded Trail down through Trees to the Rocky Beach.

Once on the Rocky Beach, go round the Headland on the Left/East, Spar Cave is just round that Headland.

Spar Cave Inlet has a Huge Rock at the front of it where you can go out onto to look right into the Cave, as seen in the image right named Spar Cave Inlet.

It is a long way into Spar Cave with a Slippy Ledge on the Left Side to walk along if the Tide is not right out when you get there.

You know you are at Spar Cave when you see an Old Broken Down Wall at the Entrance, this was built in the early 1800s? to stop people from visiting without a Guide.

The Wall was blown up by a passing Ship looking for Target Practice, allegedly.

There are two entrances, take the one on the left that goes Steep Uphill. This looks real Slippy, but is Rough so fairly easy going, just messes with your head as you keep thinking you are going to slide all the way back down.

Once at the top of the steep section, there is a flat section, then it is down into a Pool, think that is as far as you can go.

The best images are from when you turn round towards the entrance, / exit with the amazing formations on the walls.

The formations on the floor are also real impressive.

Heading back out into the Inlet shows just how easy it would be to get stuck in the Cave till the next low tide, 12 hours, as is long and narrow, will no doubt fill up fast with water when the tide starts coming back in.

You can go back up the Steep Trail or go round an other two small Headlands on the west side of the Steep Trail and up a far better Trail to the Old Building that way, a nice scenic route if the tide is still out far enough. See the Large Images for that Trail.

Sir Walter Scott visited the Cave in 1814, with him having to Climb over the Wall, using that visit as inspiration for his Poem ‘The Lord of the Isles.” about a Mermaid bathing in a Pool in the Cave.

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