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Sligachan is 24 miles north of the Skye Bridge, 9 miles south of Portree, largest Town on Skye. Sligachan is popular for its Old Bridge, Hotel with a popular large Diner, Camping, Touring, and Walking, Hiking and Climbing in the Cuillin and Red Mountains. Postcode: IV47 8SW

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The image top right is of the Monument to the Cuillin Mountains with the two Bridges and Hotel in the distance.

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The second image is of the impressive Stone Stacking or Rock Balancing, all around this area. Stone Stacking is an Ancient Religious Impulse, becoming popular again around the World as a hobby. Locals began removing these around 2020, stating the wanted to keep the area more natural.

Legend states that if you dip your Face in the River by Sligachan Old Bridge, you will be granted Eternal Beauty. You cannot lift the water to your Face, have to dip down into it.

The Sligachan Hotel sits next to the main road running between the Skye Bridge and Portree.

The road to west at the Hotel leads to the Fairy Pools, Talisker Whiskey Distillery, Neist Point Walk, Dunvegan for the Skye Giant, Dunvegan Castle, and Coral Beach.

The Sligachan Hotel has a large Bar/Diner that can be busy at nights with it being popular with the Campers and Tourers in the Campsite across the road. The Hotel also runs Self Catering and a Bunkhouse.

Sligachan Campsite is run by the Hotel but you just turn up and book on arrival. The site looks across Loch Sligachan to the 775m / 2,543ft Glamaig Mountain, one of the Red Hills of Skye, a popular steep hike. Hike Info.

Sligachan Waterfalls are a short Walk from the Hotel following the River.

There is a scenic 7 mile Walk along the north bank of Loch Sligachan. Walk Info.

There is an 11 mile Walk through the Glen Sligachan south to Elgol. Walk Info.

Sgurr nan Gillean Mountain at 964m / 3,163ft is a tough hike on the Cuillin Ridge. The main route to this Mountain is from Sligachan. This Ridge has some of the toughest Mountains in Scotland to Hike and Climb.

Sligachan History

1395 - there was a Battle in this area after the MacDonald's / Lords of the Isles, invaded with their Longboats. Clan MacLeod of Skye won the Battle, by killing most of the MacDonald's. The Spoils, Weapons and Money, were divided by the Macleod's at what is now known as the Rock of the Spoil, in Harta Corrie, below Sgurr nan Gillean Mountain.

1820s - the Old Bridge at Sligachan was built.

1830 - Sligachan Hotel was built.

1854 - John MacKenzie was born at Sconser 3 miles south. From an early age, MacKenzie began Hiking and Climbing the Cuillin Mountains.

1872 - the famous Mountaineer Charles Pilkington climbed with MacKenzie. Pilkington then encouraged others to to visit the area to Hike and Climb the many testing peaks on the Black Cuillin Ridge.

MacKenzie then began working as a Professional Guide, attracting many Tourists to the area. The Toughest Mountain on the south end of the Cuillin Ridge was named after MacKenzie as Sgurr Mhic Chounnich in Gaelic meaning Mackenzie's Peak.

1930s - the New Bridge at Sligachan is built.

2018 - I stayed at Sligachan for two nights. Was attacked by a squadron of fearsome Midge one night just before dusk, have since obtained Midge repellant that works great.

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