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Robert Burns House Dumfries

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Robert Burns House is on Burns Street, a short walk south of Dumfries town centre.

Robert Burns House is open all year from the 25th March to 30th September, Mon-Sat 10-5, Sun 2-5. From the 1st October to March, Tues – Sat 10-1 and 2-5. Postcode: DG1 2PS

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1788 - Robert Burns began working as an Exciseman when running his Ellisland Farm 7 miles north of Dumfries, now a Museum. Some relations and his wife Jean Armour ran the Farm from that time.

1789 - Burns was appointed Excise Officer for Dumfries, a duty trying to make sure Businessmen paid Taxes on certain goods such as Tee, Wine, and Tobacco.

1791 – Robert Burns and his family moved from the Farm of Ellisland to Dumfries.

This year he writes ‘Ae Fond Kiss’ and becomes a father to Elizabeth, born to Ann Park.

Ann Park had an affair with burns when she was visiting relations that ran the Globe Inn, the Dumfries Pub where burns drank, still in the town centre for drinks and meals.

Jean Armour gave birth to their son William Nicol Burns a few days later.

1792 - Burns was promoted to the Dumfries Port Division with a salary of £50 per year, more than he was earning from sales of his Poems.

1792 – becomes a father to Elizabeth Riddell Burns, to Jean Armour.

1793 - Burns and his family rent this building now known as Robert Burns House. This Street at the time was named Mill Street.

1794 – becomes a father to James Glencairn Burns, to Jean Armour.

1796 - Burns visits the Brow Well 10 miles south of Dumfries to try and cure his Illness.

1796 – Robert Burns dies in Dumfries on July 21st aged 37 from chronic rheumatic heart disease.

He is Buried in a cramped Grave at St Michael's Church at the end of Burns Street.

Robert’s youngest son, Maxwell Burns, is born to Jean on the day of his Funeral.

1817 - a grand Mausoleum is built at St Michael's Church for Burns and his family. Burns and two of his young sons are then re-buried in the Mausoleum.

1834 - Jean Armour dies at this House, then buried next to Robert in St Michael's Church Mausoleum.

1903 - the Town Council took over Robert Burns House so it could be preserved as a Museum.

2004 - a Statue of Jean Armour was erected at the end of Burns Street, outside St Michael's Church.

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