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Kirkbean and Carsethorn are small villages situated 12 miles south of Dumfries on the A710 road.

The area is popular for bar meals, shore fishing, hike to the 1,867ft Criffel hill, and John Paul Jones Cottage Museum in a country estate 2 miles south.

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The image top is of the Drumburn Viewpoint 2 miles north of Kirkbean. This is s scenic area with views across Galloway and Cumbria.

Kirkbean is a very small village with the main A710 road passing through as seen second top.

Kirkbean Church is the main attraction in the village, with the grave of John Paul Jones father in the front right section of the cemetery.

The John Paul Jones Cottage Museum is situated 2 miles south in the Arbigland Country Estate. Jones became famous in America during the American War of Independence, claimed to be the founder of the United States Navy.

Carsethorn is situated one mile east of Kirkbean next to the sea at Carse Bay. This is another very small village with a beach popular for fishing.

Some people use the area for boating, but you have to be careful of the strong currents.

The Steamboat Inn has views over the bay. It is a popular spot for drinks, coffle, tea, and meals. The interior of the inn has probably not changed much over the past 100 years, very impressive.

You can view large images of the inn from the link at the top of this page.

Kirkbean and Carsethorn History

800s - Viking raiders reached this area and are said to have built a settlement here, a time when Scotland was split into a number of kingdoms.

1100s - all regions of Scotland merged under the Canmore Kings.

1500s - Carsethorn was being used for large ships to offload their cargo so it could be transferred up to Dumfries in smaller boats.

1700s late and early 1800s - about 21 thousand emigrants departed from Carsethorn to America, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

1720 - John Campbell was born at Kirkbean. He became a Vice-Admiral in the Royal Navy and was Governor of Newfoundland from 1782 to 1790.

1747 - John Paul Jones is born in a small cottage in Arbigland Estate. His father worked as a gardener on the estate.

1755 - the present Arbigland House was completed for William Craik in Arbigland Estate 2 miles south of the villages.

Craik increased agriculture on the estate.

The village of Kirkbean grew mainly to house workers on the estate, with many of the cottages seen today built around that time.

1767 - John Paul Jones senior dies and is buried at Kirkbean Church.

1776 - the present Kirkbean Church is completed.

1840 - a large pier was built for a steam ferry service between Carsethorn and Liverpool.

1850 - the railway reached Dumfries, leading to a decline in shipping from Carsethorn.

1900 - there was little shipping trade left at Carsethorn.

1993 - the John Paul Jones Cottage Museum is opened.

2010 - Kirkbean Church is converted to a house.

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