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Kinross is a Town 28 miles north of Edinburgh, 30 miles southwest of St Andrews. The Town is popular for its Boat Trips to the historic Loch Leven Castle, Loch Fishing, Walk/Bike Path around the Loch, and Golf.

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The image top is looking down the High Street. The image second top is of the Cross Well Fountain on the High Street. The road to the Pier for Boat Trips begins at the Fountain.

The image third top is of Kinross House. You can view the House from the entrance gate at the High Street. This Mansion was built in 1686 for the architect Sir William Bruce to serve as his own home. The House was bought by the businessman Donald Fothergill in 2010. The House can now be hired for weddings, functions, and business meetings. Website.

The Boathouse is a popular Bar Diner at the Pier with views over Loch Leven. There is a Map Board here that gives information on the Path around the Loch, named the Loch Leven Heritage Trail, 12 miles around.

The loch is popular for fishing for brown trout and pike with a number of boats for hire. Website.

The top attraction at Kinross is the 10 minute Boat Trip from the Pier to Castle Island that contains Loch Leven Castle. This Castle was built around 1250 with it being famous for Mary Queen of Scots being held prisoner in the Castle in 1567/68. She escaped from the Castle in May 1568. Visit Website.

Mary's Gate is on the Path around Loch Leven, about two miles out from the Pier heading northeast, out past the Parklands and picturesque Old Graveyard. This Gate is said to be where Mary Queen of Scots would have passed through on route to the Castle.

Kinross Golf Club welcomes visitors with excellent facilities. The two highly rated Parks Courses are the Montgomery and Bruce.

The Mary Queen of Scots Festival is held in early September most years in the Town Centre Park at the main street named Muirs, across the road from the large Green Hotel. The Festival has Weapons and Armour Stalls, Jousting, Food Stalls, Live Music, and Beer Tents.

Burleigh Castle is 2 miles north of Kinross. This Castle was built from the 1400s for the Balfours.

Robert Balfour was sentenced to death by beheading in 1707 for the murder of a schoolmaster who married his childhood sweetheart. Balfour escaped from Edinburgh tolbooth and joined the Jacobite uprising, proclaiming James Stuart king at Lochmaben. After the defeat of the Jacobites, the lands of Balfour were taken by the King.

Kinross History

1200s - Loch Leven Castle is built for an unknown family.

A Town grew around the Castle as a staging post for travelers between southern Scotland and Perth, becoming the county town for Kinross-shire.

1296–1357 - the Castle is fought over during the Scottish Wars of Independence with the English gaining control for some time.

The Castle was re-taken by Scots during the wars, thought to be by forces of William Wallace.

1323 - Robert the Bruce stayed at the Castle and used it as a Prison.

1300s late - the Castle was acquired by William Douglas, 1st Earl of Douglas.

1400s - Burleigh Castle 2 miles north of Loch Leven Castle is built for the Balfours.

1565 - Mary Queen of Scots visited Loch Leven Castle as a guest of Sir William Douglas.

1567 - Mary Queen of Scots was held prisoner at Loch Leven Castle after the Scots rebelled against her, leading to her son becomming King James VI.

1568 - Mary escaped from the Castle, fleeing to England where she was later exacuted.

1546 - Margaret Erskine and her son William Douglas had a House built on the shore of the Loch named Newhouse. This grand House replaced the Castle as their main residence.

1675 - the Douglases sold their land and buildings at Loch Leven to Sir William Bruce, the famous Scottish architect.

1685 - Bruce built Kinross House close to where the Douglas Mansion was, in line with Loch Leven Castle. The old Mansion was demolished.

Bruce preserved Loch Leven Castle to enhance his view from Kinross House.

1700s - Kinross Estate and buildings passed to the Grahams.

1700s late - the Grahams also gained control of Burleigh Castle.

1700s late - Kinross Town grew around Iron Working, Shoemaking, and Weaving.

1800s - Kinross Estate passed to the Montgomerys.

1884 - Kinross Golf Club is formed.

1939 - Kinross Castle was acquired by Historic Scotland to serve as a Tourist Attraction. Burleigh Castle was also taken over by Historic Scotland to serve as a Tourist Attraction.

1990s - Kinross was a world leader in Spinning Cashmere.

2010 - the English businessman Donald Fothergill bought Kinross House and Estate. The House can now be hired for Weddings and Functions.

Today - the Town is in the centre of vast areas of farm land growing a wide variety of crops.

The Town attracts many Tourists on the A91 road passing through Kinross, Falkland, and St Andrews.

The Todd & Duncan Cashmere Factory in Kinross is still in operation.

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