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Kingsbarns is a Village in the Fife area of Scotland, 55 miles north of Edinburgh, 7 miles south of St Andrews.

Kingsbarns is popular for its Beach on the southeast side of the Village, top Links Golf Course 1 mile south, Cambo Estate Gardens 1 mile south open for visits much of the year with a Cafe, Kingsbarns Whisky Distillery under 2 miles south with Tours, Shop, Cafe, and now Gin Tours as well.

The Fife Coastal Path here is 7 miles north to St Andrews, 3 miles south to Crail.

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The image top is of the Square at Kingsbarns with the Parish Church, mainly built in the 1700s, with the earliest parts from the 1600s.

The Square gives the impression the Village is larger than it actually is, probably laid out at a time the Village was expected to grow into a larger Town, which is now happening with many new homes being built on the west side.

The Inn at Kingsbarns is next to the Square. This is a former 1700s Coaching Inn.

The Cottages at Kingsbarns are like the Cottages at Luss on the banks of Loch Lomond, probably built in the 1700s for Estate Workers.

Kingsbarns Beach is on the southeast side of the Village, a long sandy Beach with a Snack Shack.

Kingsbarns Golf Club is about 1 mile south of the Village. This course was opened in 2000 as one of the top Links Courses in Scotland, and one of the most expensive.

Golf has been played at Kingsbarns from 1793, with the first Course being converted back to farm land, and the second Mined to stop Germans from landing there during World War Two, soon becomming the least popular Golf Course in the world, for obvious reasons.

Cambo Estate Gardens with a Cafe is about 1 mile south of Kingsbarns. You can visit the Gardens most of the year.

Cambo Mansion House was built in the 1700s, home to the Erskine family.

Kingsbarns Distilly opened in 2014 in a converted Farm Steading on the Cambo Estate, under 2 miles south of Kingsbarns. The first Bottles of Kingsbarns Single Malt Whisky were sold in 2019.

The Kingsbarns Distillery has a Shop, Cafe, and offers a number of Tours with Tastings, now also making Gin with Gin Tours as well.

Kingsbarns History

1100s - Cambo Estate to the south of Kingsbarns was awarded to Robert de Newenham by King William the Lion.

1100s - Pitmilly Estate to the North of Kingsbarns was owned by the Hay Family.

The Village of Kingsbarns would no doubt have evolved through workers on the Estates and Fishing.

1630 - the first Parish Church was built at the Village Square. That Church was rebuilt in the 1700s and 1800s to what can be seen today.

1668 - Sir Charles Erskine bought Cambo Estate, with the earliest parts of Cambo Mansion House built soon after.

1793 - Kingsbarns Golfing Society was formed with their course on Cambo Estate.

1810 - a Pier was built at Kingsbarns for boats to transport food such as Grain and Potatoes to England. Little remains of that Pier today.

1850 - Kingsbarns Golf Course was returned to farming.

1887 - the Railway reached Kingsbarns, linking the Village to St Andrews to the north and Crail to the South.

1922 - Kingsbarns Golf Club was founded with a nine-hole course designed by Willie Auchterlonie.

1939 - Kingsbarns Golf Course was Mined to prevent the Germans landing during World War Two, the end of that Golf Course.

1940s - Pitmilly House was used for the Women's Royal Naval Service during World War Two.

1950s - Pitmilly House was converted to a Hotel.

1965 - the Railway at Kingsbarns closed.

1967 - Pitmilly House Hotel was destoryed by Fire. The Hotel had been abandoned a few years earlier, with Guests claiming it was haunted.

2000 - Kingsbarns Golf Links was opened on Cambo Estate, designed by Kyle Phillips. This course has since held the Dunhill Links Championship, and Women's British Open in 2017.

2014 - Kingsbarns Distillery and Visitor Centre opened on the Cambo Estate.

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