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The Lochranza Distillery, formerly the Isle of Arran Distillery, is situated on the north coast of Arran, at the village of Lochranza.

The Distillery is open for visits most of the year with a Shop, Cafe, and Tours, normally only closed Christmas day, Boxing day, and New Years day. Postcode: KA27 8HJ

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The image top is of the Isle of Arran Distillery from the entrance.

The second image is of the Shop with a good selection of Whisky and Souvenirs.

The Isle of Arran Distillery produces Single Malt Whisky matured in various barrels, from 5 to 24 years, to give a wide range, about £40 to £500 per bottle.
Arran Whisky Range.

They also produce Blended Whisky such as: Lochranza Blend, Robert Burns Blend, and Arran Gold Cream Liqueur.

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Isle of Arran Distillery History

Claims are, there used to be about 50 Distilleries on Arran, most Illegal. The last of these distilleries, at Lagg on the southwest of the Island, closed in 1837.

1995 - the Isle of Arran Distillery was completed for Harold Currie, former director of Chivas, the only Distillery on the Island at that time.

Construction of the Distillery had been delayed, as a pair of Golden Eagles had nested on a Cliff close to the Distillery.

The Distillery allows people to buy Casks, that can be stored at the Distillery as long as they require.

The Arran Distillery produces a Robert Burns single malt and Robert Burns blended whisky. As they are a Patron of the World Robert Burns Federation, they are the only Distillery allowed to use the Image and Signature of Robert Burns on their packaging.

The Malt Whisky is mainly used to produce their range of Single Malt Whisky, with some used in their Blended Whiskies such as: Lochranza Blend, Robert Burns Blend, and Arran Gold Cream Liqueur.

The Isle of Arran Distillery is now owned by Private Shareholders.

2010 September - the first bottles of 14-year-old were produced.

2010 December - the first Peated Arran Single Malt, named Machrie Moor, was produced.

2019 - the Company opened a second Distillery on Arran, named the Lagg Distillery, also with a Visitor Centre, at Lagg on the southwest side of the Island.

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