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Inveraray Castle

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Inveraray Castle is situated next to the Town of Inveraray, 65 miles northwest of Glasgow, 37 miles southeast of Oban.

The original Inveraray Castle was built from the 1400s, with the Castle seen today built from 1746 for Archibald Campbell, 3rd Duke of Argyll.

The Castle is open for visits 1st April - 31st October, 7 days, 10.00am - 5.45pm. Postcode: PA32 8XE

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The image top is from the Bridge on the Main A83 Road half of a mile north of Inveraray.

The next images are from the Gardens on the south side of Inveraray Castle.

The remains of the original Castle are on the north side of this Castle, just some foundations.

The Entrance Hall has an impressive display of Arms, Swords, Pikes, and Guns.

The Drawing Room is one of a few top Rooms to visit.

The MacArthur Bedroom is said to be Haunted, with the bed originally belonging to the MacArthurs of Loch Awe, where a young Irish harpist was murdered in 1644.

When someone is about to die in the Castle, harp music is heard from this room.

The Old Kitchen is huge, also with a Ghost of a Kitchen Maid.

There is a Cafe and Gift Shop close to the Kitchen.

Inveraray Castle History

1100s - the Campbell's began taking control of Argyll with their main rivals being the MacDougall's.

The main Campbell Castle at that time was on Innis Chonnell Island, 20 miles by road west of where Inveraray is today.

The Campbell's fought with Robert the Bruce at the Battle of Bannockburn in 1314, leading to The Bruce awarding them vast areas of Land.

Descendants of The Bruce were the Stuart's, with Sir Duncan Campbell marrying Lady Marjorie Stewart around 1430, with the Campbell's from that time supporting the Monarchs in many Battles over the following centuries.

It is claimed it was Sir Duncan Campbell that moved the family Headquarters from Innis Chonnell to the new Castle at Inveraray in the 1400s.

The Castle at Inveraray soon had a small Town around it.

It is claimed the Campbell's could raise an Army of up to 5,000 men from Inveraray and other Towns they controlled in Argyll.

John Campbell, 2nd Duke of Argyll, led some Government forces to help end the first Jacobite Risings in the early 1700s.

1720 - the 2nd Duke had the architect Sir John Vanburgh produce a sketch of the new Inveraray Castle.

The 2nd Duke and Architect died before the the building began, leading to the 3rd Duke of Argyll, Archibald Campbell, having the new Castle built from 1746 in Gothic Revival style. The old Castle under 100 yards north, was dismantled around that time.

1746 - John Campbell commanded four Companies of the Campbell of Argyll Militia for the Government at the Battle of Culloden, where the Jacobite's were defeated for the final time.

1770 - John Campbell became the 5th Duke of Argyll.

1770s - John Campbell began the building of the new Town of Inveraray, about half of a mile southeast of the Castle.

This seems to have been for two reasons. The new Town was right on the banks of Loch Fyne, a huge Sea Loch, ideal for Fishing and Trade.

The other reason would no doubt have been, the Duke wanted to create a vast Garden around his new grand Castle, with Trees, Bushes and Plants imported from around the world by Early Explorers.

1789 - the new Inveraray Castle was completed.

1796 - the Argyll Mausoleum was built at Kilmun Parish Church for the Campbell's, 35 miles south of Inveraray.

1953 - the 11th Duke of Argyll opened Inveraray Castle to the public.

1975 - Inveraray Castle was damaged by fire, leading to a long restoration project.

2001 - the 13th Duke of Argyll became head of Clan Campbell, in control of the Castle and Estates.

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