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YouTube Specials

Below is a list of YouTube Specials.

Sometimes there is a fine line between Talent and Insanity.


Wingsuit Basejumping - humans flying

Speed Paragliding - down a gully then land on a main road

Hang Gliding - over The Dolomites north Italy

Girocopters - flying with birds

Ice / Snow

Snow Boarding - extreme some out of helicopters

Mountain Skiing - insane downhill through a gully

Ski Jumping - some of the longest jumps

Eddie the Eagle - mad Brit in the Olympics movie clip

Ice Dancing - Scottish style in kilts

Ice Skating Extreme - amazing tricks / stunts

Hike / Ski - Aneto Mountain in Spain dangerous at the top

More Top Mountains - with Videos


Hearns v Hagler - round one only, amazing

Tyson Best Knockouts - destroying the giants

Tyson v Douglas - clips of this real brutal fight

Hearns v Leonard - top clips of the fight

Ben v Eubank - brutal middleweight fight


Top Landings - some amazing skill

Simone Biles - toughest routines

Motor Racing

F1 Overtaking - some great views

Nascar Best Passes - some dangerous adventures

Superbike Final Laps - scary goings on


Show Jumping - jump off at speed

Alycia Burton - bareback horse jumper

Beach Gallop - a nice day for bombing along the beach

Shetland Pony Race - real close finnish

Teen on a Fast Horse - down a main road doing tricks


Andre Rieu - Amazing Grace in Amsterdam

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