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Hawick is a Town in the Borders region in southeast Scotland, 55 miles south of Edinburgh.

Hawick is popular for the Textile Tower House Museum on the High Street, iCentre Heritage Hub by the Tower House, Tower Mill next to the iCentre for a cafe and films, St Marys Church behind the iCentre, Hawick Museum in the scenic Wilton Park on the Town west side a short walk from the main car park, Borders Distillery on the north side of Hawick centre for its shop and tours, and Hermitage Castle 17 miles south in an extremely remote area.

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The image top is of the main car park in Hawick looking towards the James Thomson Walking Bridge to the High Street. This Bridge was completed in 2006 with a Statue of the Poet James Thomson on the north side. Hawick Museum in Wilton Park is a half mile walk left in this image, along Wilton Park Road.

At the south end of the High Street is the Hawick Textile Tower House Museum. The Tower House is said to be the oldest building in Hawick, built in the 1500s as Drumlanrig's Tower. The Tower was used as a Hotel for some time, then in 2009 opened as a Museum with history of the Town, Art, and information on the Textile Industry that Hawick and other Border Towns grew around.

Outside the Tower House are Statues with a Flag erected in 2014 depicting the capture of an English flag by a young man from Hawick at the Battle of Hornshole in 1514.

Mid way along the High Street is the Town Hall built in 1886.

At the north end of the High Street is the Horse Statue erected in 1914 to commemorate the Hawick youths at the Battle of Hornshole.

At the south end of the High Street, round from the Tower Museum, is the Heritage Hub iCentre with Turnbull Statue outside. This Statue was erected in 2007 to commemorate William of Rule turning an angry bull to save the life of Robert the Bruce in 1313.

The Heritage Hub iCentre and Tower Mill allows people to search for Relatives, has a Cafe, Film Theatre, and Waterwheel. The Hub and Tower Mill are in old Town buildings rebuilt after a fire in 1992.

St Mary's Church is just behind the Heritage Hub, built in 1764 on the site of a much earlier Church.

Hawick Museum is in the scenic Wilton Park on the west side of Hawick, about a half mile walk west from the main car park. Displays and Art cover Hawick and other areas. Jimmie Guthrie 1930s and Steve Hislop 1990s exhibitions cover the achievements of Hawick’s two Motorcycle Champions.

Hawick Museum is in the 1700s Mansion named Wilton Lodge, built for the Langlands family. The Hawick Museum was moved to Wilton Lodge in 1911. Information.

The Borders Distillery is on the north side of Hawick on Commercial Road. The Distillery began operating in 2018, producing Malt Whisky, Gin and Vodka, with a Shop and Tours. More Information.

Hermitage Castle is situated 17 miles south of Hawick in an extremely remote area. Two roads run south to the Castle, the more direct being the B6399 minor road with many bends. The A7 road is a better road but 25 miles with the last 7 miles through real scenic mountains on a minor hill road. Road Map.

Hawick Interesting History

1717 - the first knitting machine factory opened in Hawick, leading to the Town expanding with famous companies such as Johnstons of Elgin, Lyle & Scott, Peter Scott, and Pringle of Scotland having factories in the town producing cashmere and merino wool knitwear.

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