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The 2,650ft, 808m Hart Fell is 6 miles east of Moffat in South Scotland on the A708 Hill Road between Moffat and Selkirk, 66 miles southeast of Glasgow.

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The Image top is from Moffat centre looking down to the corner where the A708 Road to Selkirk and Hart Fell starts.

Wigwam Holidays is 5 miles east.

The second image is from Roundstonefoot Hall looking at the Hart Fell hills/mountains. The Pointy Mountain is Under Saddle Yoke. You can park here and hike up to the left straight to Hart Fell.

The third image is of the parking at Capplegill Cottages with the start of the Trail through the Gate and straight up towards Under Saddle Yoke at 2,444ft.

The first section is real steep, then a level walk before another steep section to the summit of Under Saddle Yoke. This is the best looking mountain on this horseshoe, so a good way to go round.

There is a narrow path across between Under Saddle Yoke and its Sister Peak, an area with great views and a long drop down, but fairly safe.

From the Sister Peak, you can go over to Stirk Craig 2,326ft, or just go over to the right and up to Hart Fell. You cannot go straight over as there is a deep Gorge.

The low part up to Hart Fell is fairly soggy, so waterproof boots and gaiters are advised.

The top of Hart Fell is like a huge hill, not much to see, but the Trail back down the West Ridge has a number of View Points over Cliffs.

The Trail down to Swatte Fell at 2,391ft has a couple of fairly steep up and down sections, then rounds Cliffs for some great views. Large Image up to Hart Fell from Swatte Fell.

There is a View Point at Swatte Fell out over the Cliffs that is a bit of a test on a day with no wind, not sure if I would venture out on a windy day. Large Image.

From Swatte Fell follow a trail down towards a Gate and Cairn. You need to use the gate as there is an Electric Fence.

From the Lower Cairn, go over to the right and follow the real steep Trail down next to the Gorge.

Once down, go round to the Gate onto the Main Road, then it is just a short walk back to the Car Park.

This seems to be a popular Hike in both directions.

The Hike round this Horseshoe averages about 5 hours.


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