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Fettercairn is a Village in the northeast of Scotland, 36 miles north of of Dundee, 34 miles south of Aberdeen.

Fettercairn is popular for its Arch, Market Square, Fettercairn Distillery, and the B974 Cairn o' Mount road that runs over the Cairngorm Mountains to Banchory 18 miles north, and Balmoral Castle 41 miles northwest. The highest point on the road is 1,493ft above sea level. The 15 mile long Glenesk is a short distance south with a Folk Museum and top Hiking Routes.

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The image top is of the Arch on the south side of Fettercairn centre. The road through the Arch is often being changed, due to large trucks and caravans getting stuck half way through. Allegedly, they have tried a number of different methods, all which have failed so far.

The second image is of the Market Square with the Market Cross.

The John S Forbes Memorial Fountain is next to the Square.

The Ramsay Arms Hotel with a Restaurant is next to the Arch.

The Fettercairn Whisky Distillery is about half of a mile west of Fettercairn, open to visitors much of the year.

Fettercairn History

1200s - the Royal Castle of Kincardine was built for Alexander II to protect this route into the Highlands. The town of Castleton of Kincardine grew around the Castle, midway between present day Fettercairn and Laurencekirk.

1296 - Edward I of England took control and stayed at the Castle of Kincardine during the
Wars of Scottish Independence

1504 - Fettercairn was made a Burgh, with a permit to hold weekly Markets.

1569 - Balbegno Castle was built 1 mile southwest of Fettercairn, owned by families such as Wood, Ogilvy, Middleton, and Gladstone.

1645 - Fettercairn was partially destroyed by the forces of the Marquis of Montrose during the English Civil War. Montrose fought for the Royals trying to prevent the Parliamentarians led by Oliver Cromwell from overthrowing the Royals.

1650 - Montrose was hanged in Edinburgh with his head removed to be placed on a spike at the Old Tolbooth by St Giles Cathedral till 1661.

1660 - the Stuart Kings were restored to the throne of England, Scotland and Ireland.

1661 - the body of Oliver Cromwell was dug up from his burial place in Westminster Abbey in London. His body was then publicly executed before being hanged in chains at Tyburn. His head was cut off to be displayed on a spike outside Westminster Hall. The head was removed in 1685 to be used in various exhibits.

1661 - the remains of Montrose were gathered together to be buried in St Giles Cathedral in Edinburgh.

1730 - the Market Cross from Castleton of Kinkardine was moved to Fettercairn, 2 miles northwest. Castleton of Kincardine by that time had been in decline, with little left of the Town or Castle.

1809 - Fasque House / Castle was completed for the Ramsay's under 2 miles north of Fettercairn.

1824 - Fettercairn Distillery was founded by Alexander Ramsay, owner of the Fasque Estate.

1829 - hard times forced Ramsay to sell the Fasque Estate to the Gladstone family, with William Gladstone of that family becoming Prime Minister.

1848 - Queen Victoria and Prince Albert take on the lease of Balmoral Estate, where they built Balmoral Castle a few years later. Balmoral Castle is situated 40 miles northwest of Fettercairn.

1861 - Queen Victoria and Prince Albert visited Fettercairn while traveling around the area.

1864 - the Fettercairn Arch was built to commemorate the visit of Queen Victoria.

1973 - Whyte & Mackay gained control of the Fettercairn Distillery.

1978 - Fasque House was opened to the public as a tourist attraction by the Gladstone's.

2010 - Fasque House was sold to be used as a wedding and conference venue.

2010 - Balbegno Castle was sold to serve as a holiday home.

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