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Castle Stalker & Port Appin

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Castle Stalker is a MacDougall, later Stewart Castle, later Campbell Castle, 18 miles north of Oban, 15 miles southwest of Ballachulish, 16 miles southwest of Glencoe, by the small Village of Port Appin.

The Castle can be visited certain days by Boat with visiting dates on the Castle website. There is a small entrance fee. Postcode: PA38 4BL

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The image top is of the Castle Stalker View Gift Shop, Diner and Snack Bar with outdoor seating where you can look down on the Castle.

The image second top is of the Snack Bar and Outdoor Seating with Castle Stalker down below.

You can walk down a Path from The View, but is fairly steep.

If visiting the Castle, you can park down at the Old Inn, bottom of the Main Road hill, half of a mile south of The View, then walk round to the Castle Boathouse.

The road round to Port Appin also gives great views of Castle Stalker with the remote Morvern Mountains behind.

Driving down to Port Appin Pier, you pass Airds Hotel with a scenic garden with sea views.

Just round from the Airds Hotel is the Village Shop and Craft Shop.

Down from the Shop is Port Appin Pier with the Pierhouse Hotel, with outdoor seating looking over the sea to Lismore Island.

The Port Appin to Lismore Ferry runs regular on the 1 mile crossing, with the Island popular for Cycling, as it is fairly flat.
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Castle Stalker History

1320 - a small Fort was built on this Island for Clan MacDougall, who were Lords of Lorn, with Lorn being this area.

1296 - 1328 - the First War of Scottish Independence was fought between the Scots and English, with Robert the Bruce becoming King of an Independent Scotland.

Clan MacDougall had fought against The Bruce, leading to them losing much of their Land.

1388 - the Stewart's took over as Lords of Lorn, with the Stewart's being descendants of The Bruce.

1440s - the Stewart's built the earliest parts of Castle Stalker.

1620 - Castle Stalker passed to the Campbell's, claimed to be through a drunken bet.

1840 - the Campbell's abandoned Castle Stalker as the roof was damaged.

1908 - Charles Stewart of Achara bought Castle Stalker with him repairing the roof.

1965 - Lt Col Stewart Allward took control of the Castle, with him restoring it over 10 years.

Castle Stalker is Private but opened to the public certain days in summer, with bookings made through the Website.


1200s - Clan MacDougall built Castle Coeffin on the Island of Lismore, now a ruin.

1200s - Clan MacDougall built Dunstaffnage Castle 15 miles south of Castle Stalker, 3 miles north of Oban.

Clan MacDougall were related to Clan Donald, descendants of the Norse Lord named Somerled, who ruled much of the Western Isles in the 1100s.

Clan MacDougall fought with Clan Comyn during the First Scottish War of Independence against Robert the Bruce.

After Bruce became King of Scotland, he awarded much of the MacDougall land to Clan Stewart and Clan Campbell.

The main Castle of Clan Campbell is at Inveraray 45 miles southeast of Castle Stalker.

Clan Campbell became one of the most powerful Clans in Scotland as the stayed loyal to the Kings, so were on the winning side of most conflicts, leading to more land and power.

The Stewart Clan were descendants of Robert the Bruce, with Stewart's being Scottish Kings from 1371 to 1714, with them connected to many Castles throughout Scotland.

There are still some large landowner descendants of Robert the Bruce, that would have a claim to the Throne of Scotland should Scotland ever become an independent country again, such as the Stuart's of Rothesay Castle on the Isle of Bute, also the owners of Traquair House in southern Scotland.

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