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Broad Law Hike

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The 2,755ft, 840m the Broad Law is 17 miles north of Moffat in South Scotland, on the A701 Road between Moffat and Edinburgh, 39 miles south of Edinburgh. This is the second highest Hill/Mountain in southern Scotland after the Merrick at 2,766ft, at Glentrool 80 miles southwest.

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The Image top is from Moffat centre looking north to the A701 Road to Edinburgh.

The second image is where you turn on to the Hill Road at Tweedsmuir, about 15 miles north of Moffat. Just before Tweedsmuir, on a clear day, you will see the Beacon on top of Broad Law.

Talla Dam is about 1 mile out following the narrow road straight through Tweedsmuir.

Cross the Talla Dam and follow the Reservoir east. At the Dam you will notice Victoria Lodge.

At the far end of Talla Reservoir is a real steep narrow Road up into the Mountains. Best to sit at the bottom then head up when no cars are on their way down, as passing on this steep section is scary.

At the Highest point is a Cattle Grid with a Stone named the Megget Stone, at 1,450 feet above sea level. There is Parking for about 3 cars here. More Parking is a few hundred yards back down the road.

From the Megget Stone, you can see a Cairn up on the hills, follow the Fence straight up.

There is a soggy section over and up to the first Cairn, so Waterproof Boots and Gaiters are advised.

From the Cairn, you can see the Summit of Broad Law with a large Aerial and Beacon.

The Path up to Broad Law follows a Fence.

It takes about 1 hour 30 minutes to get to Broad Law, and a bit less to get back down to the Megget Stone as is only about 1,300ft above the Car Park.

The Summit of Broad Law has a Beacon for Aircraft and a large Aerial. Over to the northeast, past the Aerial, is Dollar Law at 2,680ft. Going over to Dollar Law turns the Hike into a 6 hour trek.

The Path over to Dollar Law follows a Fence all the way.

Just past the Aerial is a real steep section down into a valley then back up towards Dollar Law, about 400 feet down and back up.

After the steep section, it is a fairly level, dry hike round to Dollar Law, following the Fence all the way round.

From Dollar Law, you can either go back over Broad Law via the steep section, or go down the Valley to the Megget Reservoir and walk back along the road to the Megget Stone.

The easy route down the Valley to the Megget Reservoir is to go back the same route a few hundred yards, then take a Grass Path down to the left. When passing a gate, cross over to the Stone Track on the right. The Stone Track takes you down to the Megget Reservoir at a nice steady decline.

The Stone Path takes you out at a Gate on a corner at the Megget Reservoir, where there is Parking for a number of Cars, ideal if only going up to Dollar Law, or going round the other way.

The road back west follows the Megget Reservoir, passing two Large Car Parks for Tourist.

After just under four miles along the road, 1 hour walk, you arrive back at the Megget Stone.

The Hike round Broad Law and Dollar Law averages about 6 hours.


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