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Ben Lawers Hike

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The 1,214m / 3,983ft Ben Lawers mountain is situated 4 miles north of Killin, 71 miles north of Glasgow, 49 miles west of Perth.

The top image is from the south side of Killin, at the Falls of Dochart, a top attraction in the area.

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The 2nd image is of the start of the Hill Road 4 miles north of Killin.

The 3rd image is of the Car Park 2 Miles up the Hill Road at about 420m / 1,400ft above Sea Level. This Car Park and Area are run by the National Trust for Scotland as a Nature Reserve. Parking about 2 or 3 pounds per day, coin machine only in 2021.

The fourth image is from the Ben Lawers Trail by the Car Park, taking you up through the Woodland, good Path all the way, try and stay on the Main Path, help prevent erosion.

The Hike in total from the Car Park is about 1,036m / 3,400ft, averaging about 6 hours out and back, add time on if you intend having a few breaks.

The 5th image is from above the Woodland looking at the Trail up to Beinn Ghlas at 1,103m / 3,619ft. The Trail takes you up onto the East Ridge, tough going on a real hot day.

The 6th image is from a Cairn looking up to the summit of Beinn Ghlas, a couple of steep sections here.

The 7th image is from the small Cairn on Beinn Ghlas looking over to Ben Lawers, this is one of the Top Photos in Scotland, Large Image.

Crossing over from Beinn Ghlas is about 122m / 400ft down, then 244m / 800ft up to the summit of Ben Lawers.

The 8th image shows the top section of the Trail up to Ben Lawers Summit, first part is the steepest, then the rest is still steep.

The Summit of Ben Lawers is small for such a large Mountain, 10th highest Mountain in Scotland after the 4 at Fort William over 4,000ft, and the 5 at Aviemore over 4,000ft. Large Summit Image.

There are 4 more Mountains on this Ben Lawers Range to the north, some people use Two Cars so can hike over the 6 Mountains, Parking at the Ben Lawers Hotel 5 miles north, hike over the 6 Mountains, then drive from the Ben Lawers Car Park back to the Ben Lawers Hotel.

Large Image of the Mountains north from Ben Lawers. Think they all add up to between 6,000 and 7,000 feet / 2,000m, so a lot of Hiking for one day, only for the super fit.

Heading back down the Main Trail, as most people do, you will see Two Trails, the same one back over Beinn Ghlas, 400ft up then steep down, or another going round the right side of Beinn Ghlas, most people take this route back as it is a real good Trail and a Steady Decline all the way back to the Car Park, also with a Fast Flowing Stream if you need more water. Large Image of Trails Down and another Mountain that can be Hiked.

There are a few good places for Meals and Drinks such as the Killin Hotel south side of Loch Tay, Ben Lawers Hotel middle of Loch Tay, and Kenmore Hotel north side of Loch Tay.

Make sure and take an Ordanance Survey Map and Compass on these Hikes, and know how to use them, as in Cloud, these Mountains can be deadly. In Winter, make sure you have Crampons and an Ice Axe, and know how to use them.

Some people are now trying out OS Phone Apps that can help.

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