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Beinn Dubh Hike

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The 2,155ft, 725m Beinn Dubh Hill/Mountain is on the west side of Loch Lomond in central Scotland, at Luss village, 9 miles north of Balloch, 32 miles northwest of Glasgow. Postcode: G83 8PG

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The Image top is of the Car Park at Luss, costs about £1 per hour. The Bridge across the Main Road is about 50 yards along from the Car Park at Luss School.

The Foot Bridge gives a good view of Beinn Dubh, showing the false Summit with the real Summit behind, the Hike up and back takes between 4 and 5 hours.

There is a hikers gate just behind the house with the path running up behind the house.

There are a few free car parking spaces at the start of the trail, but these are normally full.

The first section starts off fairly easy but gets a bit tougher up through the trees.

The second section is fairly steep up through ferns.

The top of the second section gives the first clear view of the main hill, fairly steep with a few soggy sections.

Close to the top of the third section you get great views down over Luss, and across Loch Lomond to Ben Lomond Mountain. Large Image down to Luss.

The top of the third section is a bit of a surprise, as there is still a fair bit to go to the summit, although not as steep.

The summit of Beinn Dubh is a rather flat grassy hill, but there is a viewing area over to the right for great views up Loch Lomond and over to Ben Lomond. Large Image to Ben Lomond.

You can go back dow the main trail, or go round to Beinn Dubh Mid Hill and down that way, is a good trail, but steep and soggy in places.

The trail across to Mid Hill is fairly level, with great views north to the Arrochar Mountains such as The Cobbler and Beinn Ime.

The route down Mid Hill starts off nice and steady, then gets real steep. The lower section is a grass path, a bit soggy in places and slippy, my hiking poles saved me a few times.

Once down Mid Hill, there is a Tar Hill Road back to Luss, about 2 miles, with a short section rather steep uphill, but mostly downhill.

The Hill Road takes you back to the Footbridge where you pass Luss Glen, now a popular Faerie Trail for Kids. There are a few car parking spaces here, but are normally full.

The Loch Lomond Arms Hotel is on the right after you cross the Bridge, should you require refreshments or a meal.


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