20th Century Ships

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20th Century Ships

20th Century Ships covers ships built from 1900 to be either the largest or fastest of their time. These ships include early ocean liners, World War One era warships, liners between the wars, World War Two battleships & aircraft carriers, post World War Two liners, aircraft carriers, submarines, catamarans, oil tankers, containerships and cruise ships. With each ship is information on length, width, weight, power, speed and history from launch till demise. 20th Century Ships is in three sections, the Main Section, Midsized Ships and Cruise Ships. View 20th Century Ships.

The Midsize Ship section covers ships overshadowed by the larger ships of their time. Many midsize ships remain well known to this day for their roll in wars or their tragic ends with over 5000 people loosing their lives on one ship alone. View the midsized ships menu.

The Cruise Ship section covers over 150 cruise ships with images, information on their size, facilities and itinerary. Some of these vessels are the largest passenger ships ever built. This section has direct links to website's for price guidelines and bookings of all the cruise ships. View the Cruise Ships.

Oasis of the Seas

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