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1732 - 1799

George Washington led the revolution that gained the American colonies on the East Coast of America independence from the rule of Britain, becoming the first President of America 1789 - 1797.

Washington was raised on his family estate at Popes Creek along the Potomac River where he studied to become a surveyor. Although he finished his education and became successful as a surveyor, he found that line of work uneventful.

After the French moved into the Ohio valley where they formed an alliance with the local Indians, a war broke out against the British that became known as the French & Indian War 1754 - 1763. Washington used that time of conflict to start a new, more adventurous career, by joining the battle against the French.

By 1755, at the age of 23, Washington had risen to the rank of Colonel with the appointment of Commander in Chief of the Virginia militia.

Washington left the army in 1758 after the Virginia frontier had been secured so he could begin a life in politics.

Although Spain entered the war alongside France in 1761, the combined British and Colonial forces had defeated France and Spain by 1763. The treaty of Paris that followed, saw France cede all their territories in North America to Britain, Spain also gave up Florida in an agreement that saw Britain return to them control of Cuba. This meant Britain held the whole of North America east of the Mississippi.

Washington had become an influential politician by that time and became involved in debates about Britain restricting the colonists from expanding to new lands in the west, also, taking much of the wealth out of the country.

These topics festered over the years that followed with the British Government becoming ever more unpopular throughout the colonies.

By the 1770s, colonial activists had began amassing weapons as they plotted how to gain independence. George Washington, with his military and political background, was seen as the ideal person to lead the revolt.

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George Washington

In April 1775, British troops based at Boston, attempted to seize munitions stored by the colonial militias at Concord Massachusetts. That event soon escalated into the battle that set of the long awaited War of Independence.

Washington took control of the troops surrounding British held Boston July 3rd. By the end of 1775, most of the east coast of America was being controlled by Washington’s forces.

In early 1776, Britain sent 75,000 troops to America to quell the uprising. The colonists then gathered in Philadelphia in June of that year as they declared independence from Britain on July 4th.

As the well armed British troops soon took back most of the lands lost to Washington’s forces, they looked like they were easily going to defeat the uprising. After France began supporting the colonists in 1777, the conflict soon turned into a war of attrition.

By April 1782, the British Government voted to end the war, the American colonies had gained their independence.

After George Washington became the first President of America April 30th 1789, he began planning how to build America into the mightiest country on earth. In 1792, Washington was re elected as President and continued in office until 1797.

His retirement to Mount Vernon lasted only two years as he died of a throat infection December 14th 1799.

The 555-foot-tall Washington Monument was built to honor the first President of the United States of America, George Washington. This obelisk is the tallest building in the District of Columbia and by law, no other building in D.C. is allowed to be taller.

Although work on this monument began July 4, 1848, completion had to be delayed in 1584 when the monument was only 152 feet tall due to insufficient donations.

After work began again in 1876, a slightly different colour of marble was used for the upper two-thirds of the monument.

Washington Monument image

Washington Monument

The exterior of the Washington Monument was completed December 6th 1884. After the interior was completed, the monument was opened to the public October 9th 1888.

Inside the Washington Monument are an elevator and an 897-step stairway. There is an observation deck at 500 feet.

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