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1680 ? - 1718

Edward Drummond began a life at sea during the reign of Queen Anne 1702 - 1714. Queen Anne was the last of the British monarchs from the house of Stewart. With her having no surviving children at the time of her death in 1714, her German Cousin George I (Hanover) succeeded her to the throne of Great Britain.

Although Queen Anne was responsible for the kingdoms of England and Scotland uniting in 1707, her greatest achievement was in defeating the French in the wars for North America and Canada.

At that time, England controlled most of the East coast of North America with France controlling most of Canada. These wars began after England, Denmark, Portugal and the Netherlands declared war on France May 4th 1702.

The declaration of war was seen necessary to prevent the union of the French and Spanish thrones after the death of Charles II of Spain November 1st 1700. As Charles II left no heirs, the French King Louis XIV intended taking control of Spain.

When Edward Drummond began working at sea, he probably joined as a privateer working on one of many English ships that were encouraged by Queen Anne to attack French ships along the coast of North America and Canada.

These privateers were used to help England win the battle against France and use any booty they captured from French ships to finance their exploits.

Queen Anne's War came to an end April 11th 1713 after the Treaty of Utrecht in which France ceded the territories of Hudson Bay, New Foundland and Nova Scotia to Great Britain.

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Black Beard

With the lucrative business of working as a privateer along the coast of North America now at an end, Edward Drummond joined up with Benjamin Hornigold to begin pirating.

Drummond changed his name to Edward Teach at that time as he began earning a reputation as a fearsome individual. Hornigold led his band of cutthroats along the East Coast of America terrorizing merchant shipping in the regions of Providence, Delaware Capes and St Vincent near Barbados.

After capturing the French ship La Concorde at St Vincent, Hornigold gave the command of his most recent conquest to Teach.

Teach had his ship renamed Queen Anne's Revenge as he fitted her out with around 40 cannon. With pirating escalating out of control along the East Coast of America at that time, in 1717, King George offered all pirates a royal pardon if they gave up their ways or otherwise be hunted down by warships.

Hornigold took that opportunity to mend his ways leaving Teach in control of his band of pirates. Teach then became the most famous pirate ever.

With Teach being well over six feet tall and growing his black beard as long as possible, he became instantly recognizable by anyone on board a merchant ship unfortunate enough to encounter him.

With his ruthless and barbaric exploits soon making news throughout America, many ships surrendered without a fight after seeing the pirates ship approaching with Teach on deck wearing his long black beard in tassels, a black three pointed cap and pistols and saber slung over his shoulders.

Teach soon became known as Blackbeard as he successfully captured over 20 merchant ships and amassing a small fortune.

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Black Beard

In November 1718, the Governor of Virginia dispatched an English Navy Lieutenant, Robert Maynard, to hunt Blackbeard down.

After Maynard's two ships tracked Blackbeard's new ship Adventure down at Okracoke North Carolina on the 21st of that month, a bloody battle soon followed.

Maynard and his men stormed the Adventure where Maynard met Blackbeard head on. Although Maynard shot Blackbeard in the neck with his pistol, Blackbeard continued to fight on with it taking over 30 saber strikes by Maynard and his men to finish him off.

Maynard Cut off Blackbeard's head and hung it from the bowsprit for the return to port.

Blackbeard's body was then thrown overboard as his men either jumped overboard or surrendered.

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