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Pyramids can be found all around the world, the earliest being constructed about 4000 BC in the area of modern day Iraq.

Listed below are pyramids by height or actual bulk

Egypt Pyramids, 2,600 BC, 481 feet high, largest by height.

Of the 138 pyramids known in Egypt, there were only five large true pyramids built of solid rock, each taking around 20 years to build. Khufu, or, sometimes referred to as Cheops, built the Great Pyramid at Gisa, 481 feet high with 51º sides. Khafre, built the second largest pyramid at Gisa, 471 feet high with 53º sides. Snefru built the Red Pyramid 341 feet high with sides at 43º, and the Bent Pyramid at 338 feet high, and Menkaure, built the third pyramid at Gisa, 218 feet high with 51º sides.

Although the highest pyramids, they are not the largest by bulk as, other pyramids have larger bases then the Great Pyramid of Gisa that has sides about 754 feet in length at the base.

The pyramids at Gisa are situated about 10 miles southwest of the centre of Cairo. . Google Map.

Egypt Pyramids

Pyramid of the Sun, 100 AD, 233 feet high.

The Pyramid of the Sun is the largest pyramid in Teotihuacan, an enormous archaeological site in the Basin of Mexico. The sides of this pyramid at the base are 733 feet, similar in size to the Great Pyramid at Gisa in Egypt with sides of 754 feet. The Pyramid of the Sun is regarded as the 2nd largest stone pyramid, only the Great Pyramid at Gisa in Egypt is regarded as larger, although the three Egypt pyramids, Snefru's Bent & Red pyramids & Khafre's pyramid at Gisa, may be larger when taking into account the base size plus height.

The Pyramid of the Moon is the second largest building in Teotihuacan at 140 feet high.

The Pyramid of the Sun is situated about 25 miles northeast of Mexico City. Google Map.

Pyramid of the Sun

Great Pyramid of Cholula, 200 BC, 217 feet high, largest by bulk.

The Great Pyramid of Cholula is a huge complex located in Cholula, Puebla, Mexico, that at first appears to be a natural hill surmounted by a church. The sides at the base are 1476x1476 feet, making it the largest pyramid in the world by bulk.

Inside the pyramid are some five miles (8 km) of tunnels that have been excavated by archaeologists.

The Great Pyramid of Cholula is situated about 78 miles southeast of Mexico City. Google Map.

Great Pyramid of Cholula

Chinese Pyramids, 210 BC, 249 feet high, second largest by bulk.

The largest of the many pyramids in China is believed to be the Mausoleum of Qin Shi Huang. The original height was 249 ft, the present height is 154 ft, and the size of the sides at the base is 1,171 ft by 1,161 ft. These pyramids are built of earth and stone with a flat top. The Chinese planted trees on some of them to make them look like natural hills.

The mausoleum of Qin Shi Huang also contains the Terracotta Army.

The mausoleum of Qin Shi Huangis situated about 21 miles northeast of X'ian. Google Map.


Mausoleum of Qin Shi Huang

Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple, 13 AD, 239 feet high.

The Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple in Srirangam, Tamil Nadu, India is a Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Ranganatha, the largest of the Pyramid Temples in India.

The temple occupies an area of 156 acres (6,31,000 m2) with a perimeter of 1,116m (10,710 feet) making it the largest temple in India.

Srirangam temple can be easily termed as the largest functioning Hindu temple in the world (Angkor Wat in Cambodia being the largest non-functioning temple).

The second largest temple in India is the impressive Brihadeeswarar Temple.

Situated in central India. Google Map.

Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple

Borobudur Temple, 800 AD, 115 feet high.

Borobudur is a ninth-century Mahayana Buddhist monument in Magelang, Central Java, Indonesia. The monument comprises six square platforms topped by three circular platforms, and is decorated with 2,672 relief panels and 504 Buddha statues.. The sides of this pyramid at the base are 387 feet.

Evidence suggests Borobudur was abandoned following the fourteenth century decline of Buddhist and Hindu kingdoms in Java, and the Javanese conversion to Islam. Worldwide knowledge of its existence was sparked in 1814 by Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles, the then British ruler of Java, who was advised of its location by native Indonesians.

Situated in central Java/ Indonesia. Google Map.

Borobudur Temple

Pyramid of the Magician, 100 AD, 115 feet high ?

The Pyramid of the Magician is a step pyramid located in the ancient city of Uxmal, Mexico. The structure is also referred to as the Pyramid of the Dwarf, Casa el Adivino, and the Pyramid of the Soothsayer. The pyramid is the tallest and most recognizable structure in Uxmal.

The pyramid fell into disrepair after 1000 A.D. and looted during the Spanish Conquest of Yucatan. The first detailed account of the rediscovery of the ruins was published by Jean-Frederic Waldeck in 1838.

Situated about 840 miles southeast of Mexico City, 237 miles west of Cancun. Google Map.

Pyramid of the Magician

El Castillo, 10 AD, 98 feet high.

El Castillo is the name given to a Mesoamerican step-pyramid that dominates the center of the Chichen Itza archaeological site in the Mexican state of Yucatan.

Built by the pre-Columbian Maya sometime between the 10th and 13th centuries AD, El Castillo served as a temple to the god Kukulkan.

Situated about 124 miles west of Cancun. Google Map.

El Castillo

Great Ziggurat of Ur, 210 BC, 64 feet high.

The Ziggurat at Ur in Iraq is a massive stepped pyramid about 210 by 150 feet in size. It is the most well-preserved monument from the remote age of the Sumerians, consisting of a series of successively smaller platforms which rose to a height of about 64 feet, constructed with a solid core of mud-brick covered by a thick skin of burnt-brick to protect it from the elements.

There are 32 ziggurats known at, and near, Mesopotamia. Twenty-eight of them are in Iraq, and four of them are in Iran. These are beleived to have been the first Pyramids in the world with the earliest being built around 4000 BC.

Situated in central Iraq between Baghdad and Basrah close to Nasiriyah. Google Map.

Great Ziggurat of Ur

For more Pyramids throughout the world, visit: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pyramid

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