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Oslo is the capital and largest city in Norway. The Oslo Region is the third largest urban area in Scandinavia, after Stockholm and Copenhagen.

Tourists are attracted to Oslo to explore the restaurants, cafe's, marina area, historic buildings, Norwegian Monarchy history, many museums, famous sculptor park, and a large amusement park a few miles outside the city. There is also a Ski Resort close to the City.

The currency in Norway is the Krone, 12 Kroner (NOK) is worth about £1. Beer Prices . Currency Converter.

There are many restaurants & cafe's in Oslo no more expensive than in the UK, but alcohol is always more expensive, about 60 Kroner or £6 per drink. The national drink is akevitt, a fiery spirit flavoured with herbs.

Flights take about 1 hour 40 minutes between UK Airports and Oslo Airports.

Oslo Gardermoen Airport for British Airways flights from London Heathrow is situated about 31 miles north of Oslo. Regular Trains run between the Airport and Oslo about £18 each way. Regular Buses run between the Airport and Oslo. There is a Taxi information desk in the Arrivals Hall for fixed rate prices. Private Transfers cost from £66 between the Airport and Oslo centre. Information for International Flights visit: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oslo_Airport,_Gardermoen. Google Map . Car Hire.

Ryanair provide regular flights between Moss Airport Rygge and Dublin . Edinburgh . London Stansted . Manhester .

Moss Airport, Rygge / Wiki is situated about 43 miles south of Olso. This airport is a joint military base, accommodates charter flights and is now a base for Ryanair. Oslo Bus Information about £17 each way. Private Transfers cost from £99 each way between the Airport and Oslo centre. Google Map. Car Hire.

Ryanair also provide regular flights between Oslo Sandefjord Airport Torp and Liverpool . London/Stanstead .

Oslo Sandefjord Airport Torp / Wiki is situated about 73 miles south of Oslo close to the town of Sandefjord. Google Map. Car Hire.

The Torp Express bus service runs between the Oslo Bus Terminal and Torp Sandefjord. The buses run suit Ryanair's flights. The bus stops at Skøyen, Lysaker, Høvik, Asker and Kjellstad. The trip costs about NOK 240 each way and takes about 2 hours. Bus information at www.torpekspressen.no . The bus fare has to be paid by Norwegian currency (NOK) or credit cards.

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Oslo Central Station for trains is situated at the southeast end of Karl Johans gate, Oslo's main street. The main bus station is situated next to the train station.

The large bronze tiger in front of the train station refers to the name Tigerstaden "The city of tigers", a name sometimes used for Oslo. This is a popular meeting place.

The name Tigerstaden for Oslo seems to have come from a poem by the Norwegian poet Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson from 1870 named "Sidste sang".

Ski Resorts . Tryvann Vinterpark 8 miles north of Oslo.

Kongsberg Skisenter 51 miles west of Oslo .

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Karl Johans gate (Karl Johan Street) is the main street in Oslo named after King Karl Johan.

This street runs from Oslo Central Station to the Royal Palace, as seen in the distance.

This street has a number of Oslo's tourist attractions, such as the Royal Palace, Oslo Cathedral, Central Station, Stortinget, National Theatre, old University Buildings, Palace Park and pond, that is used for ice skating in winter.

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Oslo Cathedral (Oslo domkirke) is situated a few hundred yards northwest of the train station, just off Karl Johans gate at Stortorvet square.

Oslo Cathedral was completed in 1697. The Royal Family and the Norwegian Government use this cathedral for public events such as weddings and funerals.

The Cathredal is open all year round.

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The Storting (Stortinget) is the Norwegian Parliament situated in the middle of Karl Johans gate, a short distance from the Oslo Cathedral, on the bus route.

The Storting building was designed by the Swedish architect Emil Victor Langlet and completed in 1866.

Guided tours of the Storting can be taken in english. About 25,000 people visit the Storting each year.

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Christiania Torv, (square) is situated a short distance south of the Storting, just off Karl Johans gate.

This is a scenic medieval square that was Oslo's market square in the middle ages, centre of the Old Town. Around the square are a number of historic buildings including Oslo's old town hall (now the theatre museum), and the garrison hospital, said to be the oldest building in oslo.

About 100 yards down Kongens Gate is the Engbret Cafe, the oldest restaurant in Oslo. This area has a number outdoor cafes.

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The National Theatre is situated at the northwest end of Karl Johans gate, 0.3 miles from the Storting, on the bus route.

The National Theatre is one of Norway's largest venues for entertainment. The first performance took place here on the 1st September 1899.

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The Royal Palace is situated at the northwest end of Karl Johans gate, in the Palace Park, on the bus route.

The palace was built in the early 1800s to serve as the Norwegian residence of the then Norwegian and Swedish king, Charles III.

The Royal Palace now serves as the official residence of the present day Norwegian Monarch, King Harald V, born 1937, king since 17th January 1991.

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Vigeland Sculpture Park is situated about 2 miles northwest of Karl Johans gate, on the bus route.

The sculptor park is part of Frogner Park, that covers 80 acres with 212 bronze and granite sculptures by Gustav Vigeland.

Vigeland sculpted all the figures out of clay, then contracted craftsmen to fabricate each piece into what can be seen here now.

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Oslo City Hall is situated about 0.5 miles southwest of Karl Johans gate, next to the harbour, the building with the twin towers, on the bus route.

This is the largest port in the country, for cargo and passengers.

The port area of Oslo is also becoming a vast leisure and tourist facility. The area is now popular for walking, jogging and enjoying a snack or meal with scenic views.

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Akershus Fortress (Akershus Festning) is a castle situated about 0.4 miles southeast of the City Hall, on the bus route. This is also where the large Cruise Ships dock.

The fortress was built to protect the city, and has also served as a prison.

The earliest parts of the castle were built in the late 1290s, for King Hakon V, after Oslo was attacked by the Norwegian nobles.

The fortress is said never to have been captured by a foreign attacker. The Germans however, took control of the castle and Oslo in 1940 without using force, as the Norwegian government evacuated Oslo after German forces invaded Denmark and Norway.

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A number of people were executed here by the Germans during the war, and after the war, eight Norwegian's that assisted the Germans were executed here as well.

Although Akershus Fortress still serves as military base, it is open to the public most days. The Norwegian Armed Forces museum and the Norwegian Resistance museum are housed in the fortress.

A number of Norwegian Royalty have been buried in the Royal Mausoleum situated in the castle.

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The Oslo Opera House is situated about 1.3 miles southeast of the City Hall, a short distance south of the Central Train Station, on the bus route.

This is home to the Norwegian National Opera and Ballet, and the National Opera Theatre in Norway.

The architects chosen were the Norwegian firm Snohetta, best known for designing the Library of Alexandria in Egypt.

The Opera House was completed in late 2007, and the first performance took place 12th April 2008.

The Viking Ship Museum is located at Bygdoy in Oslo, about 3 miles west of the City Hall, on the bus route.

The museums top displays are the Viking Age Oseberg ship, Gokstad ship, Tune ship, and finds from the Borre mound cemetery.

The Bygdoy Peninsula is situated across the harbor from the centre of Oslo. You can take a ferry across the harbour to the Bygdoy Peninsula, or travel by bus from Oslo centre.

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Tusenfryd is an amusement park at Vinterbro, Norway, situated about 12 miles south of Oslo.

TusenFryd's popularity allows the park to add new rides most years.

The park was opened 11th June 1988, after 18 months of building. TusenFryd is said to average over 400,000 visitors per year.

Inexpensive buses depart from Oslo Bus Station.

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For more information on Oslo, visit: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oslo.

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