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Krakow is situated in the south of Poland, on the Vistula river. It is one of the largest and oldest cities in Poland, being the capital of Poland from 1038 to 1596.

A series of European wars saw the Austrian Empire expand north until it took control of Krakow in 1809, a situation that lasted until Krakow returned to Polish control in 1918, due to the demise of the Austrian Empire.

Krakow was again taken over when Germany took control from 1939 - 1945 during WWII. After German forces were removed from Poland, Krakow and Poland were ruled under the influence of Communist Russia until the reforms of Mikhail Gorbachev, of the Soviet Union, in 1989.

The currency in Poland is the Zloty, 1 pound = about 5 Zloty. Beer Prices . Currency Converter.

Flight times from UK Airports to Krakow take about 3 hours.

Ryanair provide regular flights between Krakow John Paul II International Airport and UK Airports such as: Birmingham . Dublin . East Midlands . Edinburgh . Leeds . Liverpool . London/Stanstead . Manchester . Shannon .

For information on other airlines such as British Airways . easyjet and Jet2.com that fly to Krakow, as well as International Airlines, visit: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Paul_II_International_Airport_Krakow-Balice.

Krakow John Paul II International Airport, is situated about 12 miles west of the Krakow centre. Google Map.

A Shuttle train service links Krakow’s John Paul II International Airport and the Krakow Glowny main rail station in the city center. Trains normally run every thirty minutes between 04.00 and midnight. You can buy tickets on the train. The train link is expected to re-open in 2015 after about a year of work. Google Map Train Station.

Two regular bus services depart from a stop situated about fifty yards from the International Terminal T1. Bus Information , price only about 4 Zloty each way.

Taxi prices between the Airport and Krakow are about 50 - 100 Zloty/£10 - £20. Taxi Information.

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Krakow's Market Square (Rynek Glowny) is situated about 0.8 miles southwest of the main train station.

The square was first laid out in the 13th century, and has since been regarded as the centre of Krakow.

This was originaly a medieval Market Square that attracted merchants from all over Poland and the rest of Europe.

Use the Google Map then change to walking for precise directions between the train station and the Market Square.

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St. Mary's Basilica is situated on the Market Square.

This is a Brick Gothic church built in the 14th century. Every hour, a trumpet signal, named the heyna, is played from the top of the taller of the two towers.

The tune stops in mid-stream, to commemorate a 13th century trumpeter. That trumpeter was shot in the throat while sounding the alarm when the Mongols attacked the city in 1241.

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The Czartoryski Museum (Muzeum Czartoryskich) is situated about 0.4 miles northeast of the Market Square.

This is one of the top attractions in Krakow.

The most notable exhibit is the Lady with an Ermine, by Leonardo da Vinci. The museum has a large number of other valuable works of art.

Also in the mMuseum are historical artifacts from Wawel Cathedral and the Royal Castle.

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The Slowacki Theatre is situated about 0.5 miles northeast of the Market Square.

Designed by Jan Zawiejski, this theatre was constructed on Holy Ghost Square, on the site of a former 1300s church named: Order of the Holy Ghost, that led to the name of the square.

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The Krakow Philharmonic Hall is situated about 0.4 miles southwest of the Market Square.

The Krakow Philharmonic was designed by the architect Jozef Pokutynski, and completed in 1931. This is the largest concert hall in Krakow, with the main concert hall holding 693, mainly for orchestral concerts, and two smaller halls such as the Golden Hall and Blue Hall for chamber music concerts.

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Wawel Castle is situated about 0.8 miles south of the Market Square.

The castle isone of Europe's top royal residences, and one of Krakow's main tourist attractions. The castle grounds also contain a Cathedral and The Royal Tombs. Can be visited each day.

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Krakow Mounds, there used to be five mounds in Krakow, but the smallest one named the Esterka Mound was destroyed in the 1970s. There is now a football stadium in its place.

The earliest of these mounds were thought to have been constructed for the burial of kings, although no remains have ever been found in them.

The first was thought to have been built in the 600s, and the last in the early 1900s.

The image is of the Kosciuszko Mound situated about 2.4 miles west of the Market Square.

Nowa Huta is situated about 5 miles northeast of the Market Square.

The construction of Nowa Hutabegan in 1946, after Krakow residents began complaining about Communism. The Communists tried to gain more support in Krakow by building this new Communist town, that became a district of Krakow in 1951.

The communist plan failed to work, as Nowa Huta became one of the largest centers of anti-communist resistance in the late 1960s.

Tourists are encouraged to take a tour of Nowa Huta to learn how Communism affected Poland.

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Tyniec Abbey (Opactwo w Tyncu) is situated about 8 miles southwest of the Market Square.

The abbey is a thousand-year-old monastery situated on the right bank of the Vistula river, surrounded woodland.

There are guided tours available from Krakow.

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Wieliczka Salt Mine's Chambers and Chapels are situated about 9 miles southeast of Krakow.

The top attraction is the Chapel of Saint Kinga (Kaplica Swietej Kingi), the world's largest underground church.

The Chapel is situated about 330 ft below ground level, in a cave 177 ft by 60 ft, and 40 ft high. Almost everything inside the Wieliczka Mine it is carved out of salt, including the monument of pope John Paul II and the chandeliers.

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Auschwitz / Oswiecim is situated about 41 miles west of Krakow.

This was the largest of Germany's concentration camps during WWII. Its is situated in Poland about 41 miles west of Krakow, 120 miles southeast of Wroclaw.

The camp is named after the nearby town of Oswiecim. Following the German invasion of Poland in September 1939, Oswiecim was renamed Auschwitz, the German name for the town.

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