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Gothenburg or its Swedish name of Goteborg, is Sweden’s second largest city, after Stockholm. Gothenburg has been undergoing a transformation from a busy sea port, to a popular tourist attraction.

Tourist attractions include shopping, restaurants/bars, clubs, canal boat tours, scenic coastal boat tours and one of Northern Europe´s largest amusement parks, right in the centre of the city.

The currency in Sweden krona (SEK) 1 GB Pound is worth about 12 SEK. Beer Prices . Currency Converter.

Flights take about 1 hour 20 minutes between UK Airports and Goteborg Landvetter Airport.

Ryanair provide regular flights between Goteborg Landvetter Airport and UK Airports such as: London/Stansted. Seasonal: Edinburgh

For Information on other Airlines that fly to Gothenburg, visit: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Landvetter_Airport.

Goteborg Landvetter Airport is situated about 15 miles east of Gothenburg. Regular Buses run between the Airport and Gothenburg centre taking about 20 minutes, cost about £9 each way. Google Map.

There are a number Taxi Companies based at the airport. Prices by taxi from Goteborg Landvetter Airport to the Central Station are about: SEK 340 = about £30 - £35. Check prices with the drivers before departing as they are fixed prices.

Car Hire Companies at Goteborg Landvetter Airport.

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Kungsportsavenyn, (the Avenue), is the main street in the centre of Gothenburg, situated about 0.7 miles south of Gothenburg Central Train Station.

This is the main tourist street with restaurants, bars, clubs and a good veriety of shops.

The statue at the south end of the street is of Poseidon (the god of the sea) a symbol seen in a few places in Gothenburg.

The Tradgardsforeningen Park and Horticultural Garden is situated next to the Avenue.

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The Gothenburg Konstmuseum is situated at the south end of the Avenue, overlooking the Poseidon statue.

The Goteborgs Konstmuseum has a large connection of Nordic art from the 15th to 20th centuries. These include paintings by Ivar Arsosenius and Krogh.

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The first tram line in Gothenburg was built in 1879 by the English company Gothenburg Tramway Ltd. This was a horse drawn tramway.

The city of Gothenburg took control of tramway in 1900, and changed to electric trams two years later.

Sweden changed to right hand traffic in 1967 so they were the same as their neighbours. The change led to most of the trams in the country being taken out of service. Gothenburg and the Norrkoping Tramway were the only two to survive the change.

You can buy tickets on the trams or buses, or buy 1, 3 or 30 day passes.

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Liseberg Amusement Park is situated a short distance southeast of the Gothenburg Konstmuseum.

This is Northern Europe´s largest amusement park, one of Sweden´s top attractions.

The park has about 35 rides and adventures, ranging from the gentle to extreme. The Kanonen (The Canon) is a recent addition that shoots you out at high speed for a minute of loops, spins, vertical drops, and twists. The top attraction is the Balder rollercoaster, claimed to be the world´s top wooden rollercoaster.

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Goteborg's Cathedral (Domkyrkan) is situated a short distance west or the Avenue, at the north end.

The Cathedral was built in 1815 on the ruins of two earlier churches that burnt down in 1721 and 1802.

This neo-classical building was designed by the architect C.W. Carlberg.

The Cathedral is situated at Vastra Hamngatan, close to the centre of the city, with the nearest tram stop being Domkyrkan.

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Gothenburg was influenced by Dutch cities. Dutch builders and architects were hired to help build the city, as they had the knowledge to transform the marshy areas into buildings and canals.

Gothenburg centre was planned to have canals like Amsterdam.

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The Paddan Boats are a city tour that gives views of Gothenburg from the waterside.

You can board in the city centre at Kungsportsplatsen. The tours show the old moat and canals that date from the 17th century, and give information on the history of the city’s construction and defences.

The boats depart from a dock about 1 mile west of the Avenue.

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The Gothenburg Botanical Garden is situated about 1.6 miles north of the Avenue.

The garden was planned by the governors of Goteborg in the 1910's. It remains a public garden to this day.

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Gothenburg's Port is situated about 1 mile north of the Avenue.

Gothenburg port is said to be the largest harbour in Scandinavia.

The pleasure side of the harbour has been expanding with numerous sailboats and yachts. Sailing is an extremely popular activity in the region, with the nearby Gothenburg Archipelago being the top destination.

The red skyscraper is Skanska House, or Lilla Bommen, with the GotheborgsUtkiken cafe at the top for the best views of the city.

The Viking , better known by her Swedish name of Barken Viking, is a four-masted steel barque built in 1906 by Burmeister & Wain in Copenhagen, Denmark. The ship is situated at Gohenburg Port, 1 mile north of The Avenue.

She was originally built to be used as a sail training ship for sailors in the Danish merchant fleet.

In July 1909, captain Niels Clausen claimed a speed record for her of 15.5 knots while carrying a full cargo of wheat from Australia, traveling 372 miles in 24 hours.

This ship was saved from being scrapped in the late 1940s by the Swedish government. She is reported to be the Largest sailing ship ever built in Scandinavia.

Now a top visitor attraction as it serves as a hotel and restaurant.

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The Gothenburg Opera is situated about 1 mile north of the Avenue, a short distance south of the Barken Viking.

This is a relatively new construction completed in 1994.

The opera is situated at the Packhuskajen quay in central Gothenburg.

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The Old Alvsborg Fortress (Alvsborg castle) is situated at the Gothenburg harbour entrance, about 7 miles from the Barken Viking.

The castle was built by the Swedes in the 14th century. After the Danes seized the castle a few times, the fortifications were expanded to what can be seen today.

Tour boats for the castle depart Lilla Bommen next to the Opera House.

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The Archipelago is a haven for boaters from all over Northern Europe. They are situated about 10 miles southwest of Gothenburg Port.

There are a number of short boat trips to the Archipelago, and longer cruises around the islands. The boat trips depart from Lilla Bommen next to the Opera House.

The northern islands are connected to the mainland by car ferries. The ferries depart from about ten miles south of Gothenburg. Trams run between Gothenburg and the ferry port of Saltholmen harbour .

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For more information on Gothenburg, visit: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gothenburg.

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