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Tour of Faro & The Algarve, Portugal

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The city of Faro is the administrative centre for the of the Algarve region. Although the city has Arab and Roman ruins, most of the older buildings that can be seen today were constructed after the earthquakes of 1755 and 1532. The Moors controlled the town from the 700s until they were expelled by the forces of Dom Afonso III in 1249.

The popular tourist towns, beaches and holiday resorts in the Algarve region, are all situated west of Faro, from 14 - 57 miles along the scenic coastline.

The currency in Portugal since 2002 is the Euro. Beer Prices . Currency Converter. Flight times from UK Airports to Faro are about 3 hours.

Ryanair provide regular flights between Faro Airport and most UK Airports and Ireland.

For information on British Airways, easyjet, Flybe, Jet2.com and Thomson Airways flights to Faro Airport, as well as other International flights, visit: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Faro_Airport_(Portugal).

Faro Airport is situated about 4 miles west of Faro. Google Map.

Local buses operate 7 days a week every 15 - 30 minutes between Faro Airport and Faro. (Journey time is around 20 minutes and the single fare is about €1.65). You can then catch a local bus to any destination in the Algarve from Faro bus station.

Taxis to any resort will cost about 32 - 68 Euros, for up to 4 people, for trips between 10 and 50 miles from the airport.

Airport Transfers to any town or resort on the Algarve can be booked online at en.aeroportodefaro.com/transfers.

Car Hire Companies at Faro Airport.

Faro is a city and municipality in southern Portugal, capital of the Algarve region. Faro Airport attracts vast amounts of British tourists each year, for the sun and scenic beach resorts along the southern coast of Portugal.

The view right is from Faro Cathedral looking over the town and Marina. Faro beach is not the best in the area and a bit out of the way. Most people that are based in Faro use hire cars to get to the scenic beaches and towns along the Algarve coast. Local buses also run along the coast.

Portugal Map.

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Faro's Old Town is built around the cathedral. The original Gothic church built in the 13th century was damaged during the 1755 earthquake, only the tower and a doorway from that church can be seen in the new church today.

From the tower, you get the best views of Faro and along the coast.

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Igreja do Carmo & the Chapel of Bones are situated in the Largo Do Carmo square.

This baroque fronted church still looks impressive, even with the modern buildings now around the square, mainly banks.

The main attraction is the adjacent Capela dos Ossos built out of bones by Carmelite monks. The bones are monk's bones, set out to remind visitors of their mortality, an attempt to shock them into a sinless life.

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Faro's Old Town has scenic streets where their are many cafes, restaurants & shops.

Faro's main shopping street is Rua de Santo Antonio, with shops like Mango and Zara, along with a mixture of smaller boutiques. The area also has a good selection of cafes.

The other main shopping area in the city is the Forum Algarve, a large shopping mall between the city centre and airport.

Rua de Santo Antonio Google Map.

Faro Marina is not as large as some marinas in the beach resort towns along the coast. The City attracts tourists that are more interested in historic sights than a beach holiday.

Touristss looking for golden beaches and watersport, normally stay at one of the beach resorts west of Faro.

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The Algarve Portugal Map shows the main Beach Resorts of Vilamoura, Albufeira, Carvoeiro and Lagos, all situated west of Faro and the Airport.

Vilamoura is situated about 14 miles west of Faro Airport.

This is the name of the area rather than a town. This is one of the largest tourist complexes in Europe, covering about 2.000 hectares of land.

Vilamoura is a leisure and recreation resort for lazing around, playing golf, and enjoying watersports.

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Albufeira is situated about 29 miles west of Faro Airport.

Albufeira is one of the top tourist resorts in the Algarve. Attractions are a marina, golf courses, vast selection of hotels, apartment blocks, restaurants and bars.

The nightlife on The Strip, is popular during the summer with the younger tourists.

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Carvoeiro is a picturesque fishing village situated about 42 miles west of Faro Airport.

Carvoeiro has grown to become one of the main tourist areas. It has a number of excellent beaches protected by cliffs.

There are historic sights in the area such as Roman ruins and remains of naval activity in the area. The area also has a history of pirates, and a number of naval battles.

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Marinha Beach is situated a short distance east of Carvoeiro, about 39 miles west of Faro Airport.

This is one of the most impressive beaches in the region with steps from the cliff top car park to the beach below.

The water clarity here is ideal for snorkeling. There is a snack bar on the beach that is open during the summer months.

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Portimao is situated about 44 miles west of Faro Airport.

Portimao is ideally situated for a base and exploring the rest of the Algarve The coast has a number of sandy beaches, impressive colored rock formations, caves and nature reserves.

Golf is popular here with an exceptional choice of first class golf courses and excellent resorts.

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The Portimao Area has five beaches, some large, and some smaller set between cliffs.

Portimao is one of the top big game areas in the Algarve where you can fish for many species of large fish including swordfish.

The resort also caters for sailing, wind-surfing, para-sailing, water-skiing and scuba diving.

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Lagos is situated about 57 miles west of Faro Airport.

Lagos has an interesting history as many of the Portuguese voyages of discovery departed from here in the 14 & 1500s.

Lagos offers a good selection of water sports and nautical activities.

The town is picturesque with a rich cultural scene, has many top restaurants and a good selection of outdoors activities.

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The Lagos Area has 7 beaches close by, with the most scenic being Praia do Camilo, a small sandy beach situated in a rocky bay west of Lagos.

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Silves is an historic town situated a short distance inland from Portimao, about 40 miles west of Faro Airport.

Silves Castle was an important Moorish capital, especially from the 11th - 13th Century.

As well as the castle, other attractions are a selection of historic museums, golf, horse riding, a number of chic cafes, restaurants and bars.

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For more information on Faro, visit: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Faro,_Portugal.

Fishing: www.tightlines-portugal.com/sea-fishing * www.cruzeiros-da-oura.com/algarve-fishing-charters

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