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This page lists loan websites in the UK that are fast to operate with instant quotes, no need to add tel numbers or emails. Some websites offer loans from one company, and others from multiple companies.

lovemoney.com - multiple
Add your loan amount and loan period and view instantly prices for each loan company.

Santander - single
Type in the loan amount, select the loan period then click Calculate to receive payment with or without Personal Loan Payment Protection Insurance.

comparethemarket.com - multiple
Drag the sliders to set the loan amount and loan period in months then press enter on your keyboard to view a list of loan companies and quotes.

Moneysupermarket.com - multiple
Simply fill in a few details such as loan amount, loan period home owner or not, then click on compare now for instant quotes.

Tesco Loans - single
Type in your loan amount, select the length of time do you want to repay the loan then click Calculate your loan to view prices.

Virgin money - single
Tick the box to state you are a UK resident then click visit the Co-operative Bank link. You then move the loan amount and loan period sliders to view instant prices.